FAQs on Stress

Do you have questions related to stress? Then scroll down to read some interesting FAQs on stress. If you have any question on stress, you too can feel free to mail it to us. We will help you with answers that will help you reduce your anxiety and stress.

  1. What is stress?

    Stress is a response to a real or imagined event, which alters the normal functioning of the body.

  2. Most of the time I feel nauseated before exams what do I do?

    Well as far nauseated feeling is concerned, I would suggest first you need to counsel yourself that you should not be getting nervous since it will hamper your performance and make yourself feel that you are the best and you will perform well.

  3. If a student does not score well then it means that the student is very weak. He lacks in intelligence. Is it so?

    Well, if a student scores less in his exams it simply means that he has not prepared well for his exams. See, everyone is intelligent it depends upon the way you use it.

  4. I prepared so well for my exams but still I am not able to score well. Comment

    Well, each student thinks that he has prepared for his exams properly but actually, this is not the case. Most of the time the preparation is done superficially. Most of the students keep themselves in an unreal world. While preparing for the exam one has to be honest to ones own self as in how much information you have actually grasped. When you think you are well versed with the topics then opt for other topics.

  5. I think I am very ambitious, I want to earn lots of money.

    Well, being ambitious is a good trait, but at the same time know yourself and accordingly set up realistic goals for your own self.

  6. No matter how hard I try, God always renders me with disappointments. Now I have concluded one thing that luck plays a vital role in shaping an individuals career.

    To some extent, I agree that luck plays a role in shaping an individual career, but solely you cannot blame your luck it is your talent and hard work, which will pay off in log run. Remember one thing in life that one should never give up in life and good things take time to happen.

  7. Writing an exam is a stressful thing. Please comment

    Well, honestly speaking nothing is stressful it is a matter of perception and how you handle it. If you are able to handle it then it no more remains a stressful thing. One should have a positive outlook towards life.

  8. I usually tend to forget the formulas just before the exams.

    Well, this is a normal thing most of the students tends to forget the formulas just before the exams. See, What I would suggest is don’t panic and just keep on revising and be confident.

  9. I tend to loose on my appetite just before the exams.

    Well, it is again a general trend but it should be controlled because it creates an imbalance in the normal functioning of a body and thus causes dizziness. One should always have a balanced diet. Avoid having spicy stuff but have a balanced diet.

  10. Most of the time my teachers say that I am confused what do I do?

    Well, each individual is somewhere or other confused. To resolve this issue you need to speak to yourself that what you want in life what are your strong points and weakness and then you plan a strategy to attain it.

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