How to Choose the Right College for Studying Abroad

International education system, foreign culture, foreign atmosphere, career opportunities, personality growth, etc. are some of the primary objectives of studying abroad. There are numerous colleges and universities presenting variety of courses related to almost any field. Another effective platform that is promoting education is through e-learning portals which are a growing trend in the field of education.


The process of choosing the right college can be quite overwhelming and confusing, but we promise the end results are exhilarating. Finding the ultimate college can be quite challenging therefore it is important to remember some tips that will help you along the process-

  • Start researching or gathering information as early as possible so that you do not rush into the procedure of college applications.
  • Decide which course you want to opt for, beforehand.
  • Research about which country/countries are well-known for the course.
  • List your priorities and benefits of studying abroad.
  • List down the colleges that are best suitable for you.
  • Contact the university/college for more information or queries regarding the program/course.
  • Approach students or friends who have the experience of studying abroad, learn about their personal experiences and ask them questions whenever you have a doubt this interaction will guide with various possibilities of studying abroad.
  • Make a list of priorities like: the college environment, level of education, tenure of studying abroad, etc.
  • Attend education fairs.
  • Refer following points for guidance on how to choose the right college to study abroad

Course specifics 

This is the first step in figuring out the right college for you, it is important to know the course or program that you are willing to study abroad. After enquiring and learning about education in foreign countries, one must learn about the countries that offer your desired course and if the country is best known for the course. Students can visit the official websites to learn about their program structure, resources provided, etc. to understand if the course suits your list of priority.

Once, you have all the needed information about the country and course, list down your doubts and approach the university/college through an email or contact them by dialling their listed phone number.


Faculty and research

Check if the university has an organized faculty that provides expertise knowledge. Research about the program module provided, learn if the subjects will help you career development and growth wise. Explore the possibilities for research projects and the outcome of studying at the university.

Cost and Scholarships

Studying abroad is very expensive. Therefore, during the research of universities/colleges, enquire about their fee structure and if they have a financial aid program that you can benefit from. Most universities/colleges offer financial assistance. Try applying for scholarship through endowment committees that can be found through web. Other possibilities are students loans that are provided by banks situated in your home country.


Make sure you go through the requirement and eligibility criteria. This section provides you with information like basic requirements and documents to apply for the course. Since the courses are study abroad programs, students are most likely required to apply for English proficiency test like TOEFL and IELTS. Prepare for the eligibility criteria and consider apply for the higher education abroad.  

Campus Perks

A student must be aware of other college facilities. Every college/university has extra-curricular activities that are organized for student’s benefit. Participation in sports, debate tournaments, voluntary work, student council, drama, music bands are some activities that are outside the realm of university/college education. Involving in one these activities is not only grade oriented but also improves the student’s personality and communication skills, through these various activities students also get the opportunity to explore the diversity of the country.

Placements and Jobs

With detailed research of the college placements and jobs, students can learn about the possibilities of studying at the college. Applying at a college with higher ratio of placement opportunities will not only prove the overall worth of the college but also secure the individual’s professional background. Attending the course must benefit the student, in terms of knowledge and job opportunities.

Commonly asked questions on choosing a study abroad college-

How to choose a study abroad destination?

Research about the course and find out which country is most known for the degree/course. Learn about experiences shared by students or alumni on how the course has benefited the students.

Check out our article for an elaborate help on choosing a suitable study abroad destination.

How to choose a university abroad?

Prepare a list of universities that you think are viable according to your interests, priorities and requirements, based on the information acquired conclude the most suited university/college.

Does it matter where you study abroad?

Yes, since it is an experience filled journey for international students it is important to carefully choose the destination for studying. The atmosphere, the culture, the diversity, food and surrounding are some factors that impact in studying abroad therefore to conclude it is extremely necessary to research about the country and university before sending out the application.

Which European country should I study abroad in?

Countries in Europe are highly recognised for higher studies. It can be stated that education in almost every country in Europe is great therefore depending on the course or field of interest students should the destination to study.

For example- UK for business, accounting and management or France for Fashion and hotel management and Germany for engineering, research and management.

We hope you find the ultimate college of your choice with many facilities that will help you flourish!   

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