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Attention! Mistakes to Avoid on Your Student Application

We all know what a college application stress is like. Sending out a college or university application is a big deal after all. The information that is to be provided is in the control of the applicant, he/she must be clear about the information that is provided. There are various factors that lead to a rejection of student application. The most common ones are application errors which are in an applicant’s control. These faults can be easily avoided if carefully dealt with the process of college application.



Here’s a list of mistakes to avoid on a student application:

Inaccurate personal information 

Now, this is a very commonly witnessed mistake. Often applicants make faults in basic and vital information like spelling errors, providing incomplete contact information without cross-checking, mismatching names/data on different documents which leads to scrapping out or rejection of the application in total. Re-checking the application before submitting or sending over to the college is extremely important!


Being inauthentic

Be truthful throughout your application process. Avoid sharing wrong or inauthentic knowledge to the admission committee. Applicants must remember that universities ask for such information only because it helps them understand the candidate/applicant better also confirming his/her values on daily basis. Providing the university with correct information will enhance the student’s educational experience.

For instance, if you wrote dishonest scholarship essay and happen to be confronted by the admission committee during your interview for the same. If you cannot remember the information that you provided while submitting the college application, you are in for some trouble.

The committee is very much aware of such situations therefore they ensure the context provided by students is 100% authentic.

Too much information

Only provide information that is needed or asked for. Do not overdo by sharing unnecessary details. Send only the asked documents, for example if the application requires two sets of Letter of recommendation, do not send more than 2 or do not exceed the character limit on your essay. In conclusion, be careful with your information and make sure you are not bombarding the college with unnecessary information.  

Disrespecting the deadlines

Start as early as you can, do not submit your application just a day before or after the deadline. Submitting the application on time denotes how much you value the university and also defines your value towards timelines. 

Grammatical errors 

All foreign universities require students to at least have basic level of written and spoken English. Therefore, applicants must make sure that there aren’t any grammatical mistakes in terms of spelling errors or even punctuations. If at all you have difficulty in versifying the language get it reviewed by someone who is well-read with the language.

In conclusion:

  • Stay prompt
  • Proof-read your information
  • Accurate context
  • Grammatically inclined 

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