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Pocket-friendly activities to do while studying in The United Kingdom!



It has been one whole year since I moved to the United Kingdom for my education. England, the most popular destinations in the world – be it tourism, education, sports or lifestyle was my choice of educational destination. There are varieties of reasons that appropriately explain my desire to study in the UK. Europe is an attractive continent filled with contrasting experiences, especially a great place for a quick escape. As an international student and a travel enthusiast, I was exhilarated and absolutely pumped about my opportunity to live in England.

I was equipped with several activities throughout this year. While living abroad, it is important to explore and experience a foreign lifestyle to the fullest. When I moved to England for education, I was looking forward to the education and experience. The activities I indulged into were certainly impactful, they have provided me with the ability to live independently and definitely shaped my experience into a positive one. I am glad to get this platform to share my eventful experience, here are some of my top recommendations for every international student planning to study in the United Kingdom –

Stroll in the parks of The United Kingdom

Parks in the United Kingdom are absolutely delightful. The tranquil atmosphere makes you calm and will give you the momentarily escape you need. Living in a foreign country alone can sometimes be overwhelming therefore staying near to nature can leave you feeling serene. You can find parks throughout the United Kingdom. Hence, practicing this activity can help you stay more active. It is also a great way to network /meet (with) new people. Also, another asset is that it is free of cost. Therefore, don’t be hesitant to visit the park as often as you can. 



Estimated cost to visit a park – FREE!

Visit London!

This point for those international students living outside London. Living in The United Kingdom voluntarily gives you the opportunity to visit places like London and other cities. Visiting London is totally worth it. Each time I get an opportunity that is great for touring around I mostly visited London. There is so much to explore in this 8.8 million populated city. London is a tourist attraction plus also known as an education hub with some of the world’s most popular universities, it is also a place that is widely known for its royal vibes. There are various ways of transport available to commute to London. Public transport is highly reliable in parts of Europe.


Here are some places in London that you must visit –

  • Big Ben
  • Tower of London
  • Coca-Cola London Eye
  • Tower Bridge
  • Buckingham Palace
  • Hyde Park
  • Westminster Abbey
  • Little Venice
  • The Thames Path
  • Daunt Books

Estimated cost of visit to London – Between 10 to 50 Pounds, per visit.

Attend an event!


Yes, I would highly recommend any student visit The United Kingdom to attend an event at least once before you leave the country. There is a multitude range of events that you can attend in this country. The range of events is diverse and frequent – you can choose to attend a music concert, the book meets, cultural festivals, theatre and much more. I could luckily make my way through to attend some of these super-exciting bigger-than-life events. The high-energy at these local events leave me feeling energetic and cheerful. The dynamic achieved through these one-night-long activities are absolutely worth preserving.

To find out about these events you can visit – Ticketmaster or Eventim UK!

Estimated cost to book a ticket for an event in The UK – Between 10 to 100 Pounds, per concert.

A visit to the market


All these activities have transformed me into an independent person. I can gladly say that I am now capable to live by myself in almost any part of the world. The daily activities such as visiting the grocery store or once-in-a-week market hopping have developed my capabilities of independent living. This approach has also kept me aware of my finances and expenditure. It is also a great way to take a quick break from your daily routine. Most of your budget will revolve around the food expenditure. Usually somewhere around 5 pounds to 10 pounds is spent each day for food on average. Therefore, visiting the weekly market can sum up your week worth of food items, it is also cheaper to buy vegetables for a week than buying a take-out each day.

Estimated cost for food – Between 150 to 200 Pounds, per month.

Visit Historical sites


The British country is rich in history. It is known for preserving some of the most significant moments of history. As a student, you can learn a lot about global history by visiting museums or historical places. I have managed to visit some of these places which accordingly to me was an interesting and entertaining approach to learn about events in the world that were held in the past. During my visit to these bygone locations, it was clear that the United Kingdom still follows some of its ancient customs.

In the course of my visit to historical destinations, I also got an insight into the on-going customs, culture, and architecture behind the influence of British monarchy. These are my list of suggestions for individuals looking to explore historic landmarks of The United Kingdom –

  • Stonehenge, England
  • Warwick Castle, England
  • Edinburgh Castle, Scotland
  • National History Museum, London
  • The British Museum, London
  • Churchill War Rooms, London
  • Manchester Museum, Manchester

Estimated cost to visit historical places in The UK – Between 7 to 10 Pounds, per visit.

These activities will pretty much occupy your time in The United Kingdom. Participating in these pocket-friendly activities will not only save your money but also provide you with plenty of knowledge and skills that you can use for your future visit to a foreign country. 


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