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Top cost-cutting ideas that will help you save money while studying abroad

Spending a lot on your study abroad journey? Worry not, we’ve some effective solutions that can help you save some bucks (by cost-cutting) and also give you a top-notch study abroad experience. Studying abroad might burn a hole in your pockets however it is a smart gamble! The return on investment in terms or renumeration as well as experience after studying abroad is pretty rewarding, which is a huge impetus! . The diverse experience and the reliable knowledge you gain can assuredly help you acquire a career that is filled with exciting roles.

 While you can find enough tips on the internet on how to fund your study abroad goal but not so much about how to make the most by saving money while studying abroad. This time around we have come up with some great pointers that you can implement in cost-cutting during your study abroad journey – 

1. Get the Niyo Global Card

NiYo Global Card



NiYo Global card is an international card powered by the VISA. The hefty rates charged for currency exchange can now be waivered off by using this zero forex mark-up card that allows you to avail the best exchange rates. Also did we mention? This card comes with a commission-free service too, amazing right?

What more? Here are some noteworthy points about the NiYo Global Card –

  • A student-friendly card that provides individuals with 24/7 WhatsApp customer support
  • Load your money via NEFT (Net Banking) with the easy-to-follow service that is available at any given point
  • Assured and complete safety that you can access at a click via the NiYo App
  • Get real-time transaction details on the NiYo Mobile App
  • You can use the card across and over 2 million ATMs worldwide
  • The NiYo card is globally accepted (150+ currencies)
  • A card that is online and offline transaction friendly on both Domestic and International scale 

Pay and Save using the NiYo Global card services  –

  • Cut-back on the extra currency exchange rate fees, use the global card to pay for your international exam fees (GRE, GMAT, TOEFL, SAT, IELTS, PTE, etc.)  
  • Get student-friendly discounts while paying for your university application fees and other expenditure
  • You can save some money by using this card, apply for the NiYo Global card online

2. The International Student Identity card (ISIC)

International Student Identity Card

If you are a full-time student studying abroad, don’t miss out on applying for ISIC card. The ISIC card is helpful in many scenarios the benefits can help you save money and also counted as an official card for identifying a student. The International Student Identity Card is accepted worldwide. It can be applied by any individual who is over 12 years old and is a full-time student abroad.

By availing various discounts on the ISIC card you can save a lot of money, especially on your transport, and stationary material. The ISIC card is offered in both virtual as well as physical cards. So if you are currently studying abroad or preparing for your study abroad journey, try the ISIC card to avail benefits. You can apply/register for the International Student Identity Card online or offline by visiting a local ISIC office.  

3. Plan before-hand

study abroad plans 2020

Last-minute fees are often tenaciously priced, it’s the best to put in action as soon as you get a confirmation letter- book your tickets, reserve an affordable accommodation, apply for student loans and send out your scholarship applications.

A tip on availing scholarships –

Apply for scholarships! Of course, having good merits will help you for getting scholarships however, availing scholarships based on your work through organizations or universities is likely too. Reach out to the university or enquire about organizations that help you fund your study abroad goal. With a scholarship in hand, you can save a lot on your tuition fees.

4. Cook at home

cook at home

While it is easy to find or order food at nearby outlets, it is even better to cook. One might be unsure about getting the right groceries overseas but honestly, you have nothing to be worried about. Many Indian and various cuisine grocery stores are located on international grounds too. Buying monthly/weekly groceries is way cheaper than ordering food. Cooking at home will definitely cut down some costs for you.

Now, go abroad to get a real-time and unforgettable experience by studying at best universities abroad!

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