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Top Reasons to Pursue an MBA Degree Outside of India

Master’s in Business Administration is one of the hot trending and relatively more job-assuring courses for the youth nowadays. This has led to a craze among a major portion of the horde of students carrying the dream. As a result, several institutes have stood up claiming to provide the best of the course’s learning in their institute.


The cream of such pursuers of the MBA course is almost formed from the students aspiring to follow it overseas. Now you would think that only the North American and the West European lands are the ones having the best of the resources to fulfill such dreams of these candidates. Surprisingly, you are wrong! Pursuing MBA from faraway foreign lands is as desirable for the Indian students as it is for their North American and West European counterparts! So, what could be the reasons for such a trend the world over? Read the paragraphs below to apprise yourself of the reasons for pursuing MBA from overseas, to know more about the phenomenon grasping most of the competent youth all over the world:

Overseas MBA May Provide a Rich Utilitarian and Cultural Experience

Studying among students coming from different national and social backgrounds certainly proves to be an enriching experience. This is because it can help you gain insights into understanding the society and market of the nations of those students. And this certainly is going to help you in the long term.

For instance, consider that, in a managerial capacity for his/her company that deals in mobile phones in Saudi Arabia, an American management student has been tasked with preparing an advertisement for the promotion/sales of those phones in the land of the Sheikhs. That student, in his/her advertisement, portrays an executive talking on the phone with his feet propped up on the desk, showing the soles of his shoes. This may be a thing “taken granted” for the Americans but certainly not for their Saudi counterparts, as it is a serious insult to them. And, studying together with a Saudi Arabian student could have saved the day for that American guy! Hope this example would have made this thing amply clear to you!


You Get Exposed to A Global Curriculum

Getting directed for your management studies via the curriculum that harbours a global perspective prepares you to face challenges globally! Following your studies for an insight into management, business, marketing, operations and sales, in an international environment prepares you to fly to any nation and work there, rather working only within the confines of your society and nation. As per a study, nearly 31% of the global 500 greatest listed companies (by the perspective of market capitalization) are headed by an MBA graduate.

There’s No Dearth of New Challenges

For many people in the world, their risk-taking capacity ends with more and more familiarization of them with their jobs. The more they get used to the tactics for doing a certain job, the deeper the roots of complacency traverse in them. The reason lies in the number of challenges that one’s job throws for one.

The sphere of management is full of these summonses. This is because there is a huge room for navigating from one area to another. While being in the profile of business operations, you can glide to that of business development, for an example.  Also, you can move to consulting from the sphere of manufacturing, for another. The entire program of administrating your business at the global standard, is formulated in a way that ensures a holistic training for you. This way, the front of management also proves to be satiating your thirst for creativity.

Expands your horizons to network with like-minded people

Most of the times, it’s good to find people around you to talk to, for which the best resource is either your family or your workplace. But, it’s quite better to have a bunch of friends who think as nearly as you do, on nearly every front of your job, at least. An international gathering of students, which you naturally avail from pursuing an MBA from an international school of business, certainly does that. Pursuing such a program pays you greatly by letting you make friends that though don’t belong to your society or nation but, go beyond that. Consequently, you get blessed with the gifts of more people who have experienced your kind of situations, tackled the problems as you did and therefore are more suited to advise you or look at your difficulty the way you want.

Nurtures your ideas for entrepreneurship

The pool of international students that you study with is not only a horde of students assembled together for only studying management principles, it also acts as a reservoir of ideas that you may currently avail then or later in the future, by the pretext of your network of friendships made there. Thus, your study place invariably also works as a spot for scrum where you can discuss, plan and even execute the thoughts waiting impatiently to come out and get implemented.

Well, we have discussed some of the possible reasons to pursue the international variant of your career path, that you care about so deeply. So, we wish you a happy time  preparing for your MBA! Hoping that a good sense will prevail you to help choose the better option from the two of studying in an international school of business or its desi avatar, it’s all over from us now. Have a great time ahead.

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