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What jobs can I participate in while studying abroad? + How to find a student job abroad?

Wondering what can you do to add value to your study abroad experience? We would say: get a JOB! Not only is it a great source to earn some extra money, it is also a wonderful way to soak yourself in a global job culture. It also a great way for funding your study abroad opportunity while offering a productive way to cope up with typical problems a student faces when moving abroad for higher education.


study abroad jobs

Several countries such as The United States of AmericaThe United KingdomGermany, Australia, Sweden, New Zealand, France, etc. allow students to work for 20 hours per week on their student visa. Besides, the visa also allows individuals to work more hours off-semesters – typically about 38 to 46 hours are permitted.

Types of students jobs abroad

There are many suitable part-time jobs that are extended to international students. Here are some of the types of jobs one can possibly land on while studying abroad –

  • On-Campus

If you are planning to study in the USA, the probability of getting a job on campus is most likely. On the basis of student visa in the USA, students are restricted to work on campus for a certain period of time. While most of these jobs may not be exactly too exciting, making sure that you follow the visa protocols is necessary. Therefore, advice would be to fortify yourself all the way!

As college students you can only dedicate a couple of hours in a monetary task, hence below is a list of on-campus jobs you can choose to participate in whilst studying abroad –

    • Teaching Assistant
    • Library Attendant
    • Administrative Assistant
    • Research Assistant
    • Campus Ambassador
    • Tutor
    • Resident Assistant
    • Campus Tour Guide
    • Marketing Assistant
    • Lifeguard
    • Student Assistant
    • Facilities Assistant
    • Writing Consultant
    • Barista

Kindly note – As an international student, there are certain protocols issued by the university and visa department that are mandatory to be followed.

  • Off-Campus

Countries such as Germany, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, etc. allow international students to work off-campus. You can start applying for off-campus student openings as soon as you settle down in your study abroad country.

Check out the list of off-campus opportunity you can acquire on a part-time basis while studying abroad –

    • Paid Internships
    • Freelancer
    • Jobs at Restaurants and Bars
    • Tutoring or Translation Jobs
    • Store Assistant

Many international students have stated that dedicating some of their hours to part-time work has helped them understand and thoroughly mingle with the international culture with ease. Also, depending on your expanse finding a job whilst studying abroad is not very difficult.

How to find a student job abroad?

As an international student, you will have to take some steps to find a student-friendly job abroad. Applying for a job that allows you to balance your student-life is extremely important. Finding a part-time job that suits your schedule is tough for all that you know, it will end up teaching you valuable lessons such as time-management.

Now, let’s look into how and where you can look for part-time jobs during your studying abroad journey. There are THREE ways to find work while studying abroad –

  • Online

This one comes as no surprise, we all are well aware about the influence of the internet and virtual connectivity over the world. The current period of digital age will definitely come handy for you while finding a job. Many recruiters post or publish opportunities on various job-seeking portals. You can find an internship or a job within your resided locality within fraction of seconds.

All you need to do is apply via the portal or reach out to firm/recruitment desk with the mentioned details. 

  • The Traditional Way

Go the old style to find a part-time opportunity. Visit the stores that are located nearby to you, look out for an opening. Usually, if there is any position opening – stores/shops or management put out flyers. If you cannot seem to find flyers in the areas you live in, keep the management of the stores nearby posted about your interest to work with them.

  • Network

Let your university know about your interest to participate in part-time jobs. Many universities abroad offer students with on-campus jobs. At many times, they even keep students posted with opportunities off-campus.

Lastly, we hope you have a wonderful study abroad journey – Here’s wishing you a great and enlightening experience overseas. 🙂

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