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When You Want To Study Abroad feat. Indian Parents

Breaking out news to Parents rather Indian parents is a nerve-wracking task. It’s not the news we are most certainly afraid to tell about, it’s the reaction that makes us nervous and fills our mind with second thoughts. Although, it’s only for the best to let your parents know about every important decision of your life like studying abroad. Studying abroad is great, it has so many benefits and also is a prodigious decision that you can take for your future. Especially in today’s time almost every individual wants to go abroad. There are so many ways you can make your study abroad goal come true.


The phase of convincing your parents can be filled with some ups and downs. If you are an individual who is looking to study abroad soon, you might come across one of these or probably all of these reactions from your beloved parents. Indian parents have whimsical reactions to almost all of our decisions throughout our lives. Their reactions are absolutely noteworthy. Following gifs are probably one of the ways your parents have reacted on your decision to study abroad!

  • “What are you even talking about?”

what are you saying

Well, they don’t think you are making much of a sense. The possibility of your parents rejecting your decision at first instance is quite possible. But don’t worry, YOU GOT THIS! Keep your head up and work on convincing them.

  • *Ignores You*


They might also ignore each time you talk about your desire to study abroad. To this we would say, do not give up your hope just yet. It would not seem like a good idea to your parents initially, but along the way, they will know studying abroad means so much to you.

  • “Baher padkar karna kya hain?”


Honestly, they ask a lot more than just that. Their series of questionnaires of How does this even make sense? Or where did you get this idea from? Or why do you want to go abroad? and so on. However, all that you need to do is solve their queries – Tell them how studying abroad can benefit you!

  • “Do you know how expensive it is to study abroad?”


To this, tell them how you thought through it and have figured out a plan that is safe and reliable. Explain to your parents about the many funding options that are available for every student desiring to study abroad.

  • “You are not ready”

not ready

They gather incidents from past and claim that you are in fact not ready to handle yourself on your own. Every parent has the concern of the safety of their child, studying abroad means staying away from your own people for quite a long time. With more and more students going abroad each year all countries are offering the best possible environment for international students.

Also, studying abroad is meant to enhance your developing personality. So go ahead and tell them about all the personality benefits you would gain by going abroad for higher education!

  • “Shaadi kab karoge?”


A concern all Indian parents definitely have. They also wonder if you might end up marrying someone they do not approve of. Just assure or tell them what you actually are planning for your future and that you would always be with them.

Our parents only want the best for us. It’s best to keep them informed and aware of your decisions. Provide them with enough information that proves your decision to study abroad worthy. Also, on our website, you can find helpful blogs, articles, information about almost all programs taught around the globe.

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