Why Indian Students Prefer Canada as Study Abroad Destination

Canada is everyone’s favourite when it comes to study abroad. The country is more than welcoming to the immigrants, and have been loosening up the visa rules and permits since long. The second largest country in the world has enough land, resources and the hospitality to take in the number of dreamers coming to the country. After China, Indian students make the largest number of the students migrating to China.


English as Teaching Language

When you are looking forward to study in Europe, there are language barriers. Though most master’s programs in Europe are taught in English, the staying and working becomes a problem. So why not go for the country that has a familiar language for everyday life? From all the preferred English Speaking countries, Canada is the most affordable and welcoming nation. Ask anyone who has applied and have gone through the Visa process, and you will know how easy it comes.

Top Ranked Universities

The country is welcoming, and has a familiar language. What next? The objective to study abroad is quality education, which adds to your academics in a positive, enriching way. Canadian Universities fulfil that and how! 26 of the Universities in Canada feature in most credible World University Rankings. Institutes like Universities in Toronto, University of British Columbia and McGill are known all over the world for their advancements in technological education and research outputs. There are ample options to go for if international standards of courses are a priority.



Potpourri of Cultures from Around the World

Not only people from China and India go for Study in Canada. People across the Europe, Africa and even from the US comes to Canada for affordable studies and in search of Canadian Lifestyle. That brings the cultural diversity to Canada and campuses of Canada. One can meet people from different ethnicities and cultures; learn new thing about the world, its people and cultures. The thoughts and personality both get developed when you make new friends from completely different nation. It also makes rooms for the great off-campus life, festivals, and of course, food.

Study and Work Opportunities in Canada

With Canadian Student Visa, students get the opportunity to work at the part time jobs on or off-campus. A student can work for 20 hours a week when the term is going on and during the breaks, full time jobs are open for the international students. It gives the Indian Students allowance to pay for the tuition fees to the Universities, and the living expenses too. This means no heavy student debts when they graduate, and most probably, some savings, too. Everybody loves to save.

Work after Study and Permanent Residency

What after the studies are over? Anybody would like to keep earning, spending and saving those Canadian dollars. Moreover, some fall in love with the country, they want to stay there permanently. Canada is all open to those possibilities. If an Indian student is enrolled for a 2-year program, he can get the stay back option for 3 years after the completion of the program. Imagine the Canadian work experience and opportunities one will get in the years after the completion of the studies. Moreover, international students who have graduated in Canada have higher chances of getting a PR for Canada. Though it is not compulsory, who would not want to stay back and be a permanent resident of Great White North?

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