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Why Should You Intern Abroad- Advantages of Applying for an Internship Abroad

Internships play a vital role in expanding a student’s practical or work knowledge. The purpose of internships is to give a student the insight of work life and to imbibe the professional understanding while working at an organization. All types of organizations hire interns internships can be paid, unpaid or partially paid.  There are various benefits of interning, not only does the experience count but also the knowledge acquired helps in career enhancement.


Schools and college encourage their students to acquire internships abroad. Summer internship abroad is frequently chosen by students as the weather in foreign countries is pleasant and companies usually recruit interns during this period of time. Internships in general are an additional benefit, also companies highly consider students who are well versed with the work environment and have an insight of professional etiquettes.

Students commonly apply for paid internship abroad as the expenses for lifestyle is quite high and can be very expensive for self incurring. Some organizations have all expense paid internship abroad. However, to wholly experience free internship abroad, it is important that students work hard on their grades, skills and must prove their interest and ability to acquire professional experiences at an internship. 

advantages of interning abroad


There are several reasons on why you must choose internship abroad this summer:

The Work Experience

It is no hidden truth, that getting exposed to foreign organizations gives students the opportunity and exposure to a different functioning environment and lifestyle. Students can learn about the work culture abroad and might also get the opportunity to experience living independently.

Exposure to Culture

There is no better way of experiencing culture than living among them or with them. Students can learn about the foreign culture and spend time enduring various attributes of their society.

Global recognition

Organizations always value employees that internship experience from abroad. It is a known fact that students gain a lot valued experience when exposed to the international culture.

Travelling around the World

Travel opportunities eventually increase and so does the communication with the international crowd.

Learning new Languages

There is no better to learn a intellect by living among the citizens. Learning a new language is a step towards understanding the people around the world, it is also a value added quality when travelling abroad.

International network – Students can learn a lot about international organizations by visiting their countries. Connecting with people from different backgrounds is always beneficial. An individual improves his communication skills by interacting with a diverse set of people.

Earning your Stipend/Pay

Students can learn about the currency and economy of the country. It is also a wonderful way to start earning.  

Engineering internships abroad are listed on some of the website however engineering is a vast field with many students pursuing the course so it might be difficult to find an internship in engineering abroad. Students can also apply to work with non-profit organizations, it is not only a great deed to participate in but also is extremely valued by firms especially if a student is pursuing education in humanities and social work related subjects.

It is important to keep trying for an internship abroad as it can bring various opportunities and also results in personality development. Below mentioned are some tips for applying for an internship abroad:

  • Send out mails to the possible organizations
  • Do not expect all organizations to revert back
  • Send out internship request emails at least 3 months before getting accepted
  • Consider various organizations that are open to internships
  • Approach your school/college guide or professor for referral
  • Figure out what exactly are you looking to intern as

Interning abroad is definitely one of the best experiences a student can endure. Several students are considering applying for internships abroad and many firms are accepting students for the same. It is indeed an enriching experience with lots to learn and share and adapt.

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