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Time Management and Tricks to Get It Right

Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock and the time goes ticking away. There are a billion things to do and 24 hours sometimes seem too less. This is the case with almost everybody who is trying to master every activity they do and earn the title of a ‘Multi-tasker’. And this is much too common with students. With insurmountable tasks at hand every day, there is a dire need for time management.


Our to-do list is just never ending and the pressure of completing those tasks creeps into our sleep time, sports time and just laze around time.

Just like there is Yin-Yang in other things, we find ourselves surrounded with people who have mastered the art of time management. They complete their assignments and projects on time and have time left within those 24 hours to do just about anything they want to do as a leisure activity. There have to be some really striking and effective time management skills behind this.

Our excuses seem nothing in front of people who manage their time with ease and have time for other things as well. Motivational or not, successful people do not make excuses.


Let’s learn those time management hacks and tricks which successful people do or use and who knows? We could really better our time management skills and do well for ourselves.

5 Time Management Tricks for Better Productivity and Efficiency

Pickle Jar Theory - Time Management Hacks and Tricks

  • Pickle Jar Theory

Quite a few successful people follow this theory and it is quite simple. Think of time as an empty pickle jar and fill it with rocks, pebbles, sand and water. Rocks will be the huge tasks that need your immediate attention and slowly and gradually you can move on to the less time consuming and smaller tasks that are your pebbles and sand. Manage your tasks this way and you may find yourselves completing them within time and efficiently as well.

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To-Do List - Time Management Hacks and Tricks

  • Cut down on the To-Do List

If you have 10 things to do, bring it down to 3 or 4. Identify the most important things you need to do that day and focus only on those. Cutting down your to-do list will bring in more efficiency in the work you do and it will help you identify and focus on tasks that need to be done immediately. Now that is one really useful time management hack.

Say NO - Time Management Hacks and Tricks

  • Say ‘NO’

It is very important that you learn to say ‘No’ to things or tasks that you know you will not be able to complete on time. If you take up the smaller tasks that might not need much time, you will end up under-performing in the much important tasks. Sometimes a simple ‘No’ with a valid reason can get you to manage time well and get your tasks done on time.

Weekly and Not Daily - Time Management Hacks and Tricks

  • Its the beginning of the WEEK!

It is seen that successful people plan their activities and tasks on a weekly basis and not daily. This is seen as an effective measure in identifying the priority of the tasks at hand. If you learn how to prioritize your tasks, your battle with time management is half won.

Smell the victory yet? Just one more to go!

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No Procrastination - Time Management Hacks and Tricks

  • Procrastination is our enemy!

There is probably not one person on this planet who does not procrastinate, successful or not. When such a thought creeps in, follow the tried and tested 2-minute rule. If it can be done within 2 minutes, ‘Just Do It’; if not, leave it. The thoughts of procrastinating will reduce and time management will become much easier.

Finally, let us get down to the one all and be all of it. Time Management is not a humongous deed and with a little effort it can be achieved. Studies, assignments and projects are important but so is your leisure time. So, manage it well and time will not seem like your enemy henceforth.

If successful people can vouch for it, we can definitely begin to do half of it, right?

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