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11 Most Beautiful College Campuses in Australia


There’s no doubt that Australia is a beautiful place – sandy beaches, barrier reefs, vast desert outback and many such natural wonders. Adding to the list, Australia is home to some of the beautiful college campuses in the world as well. Check out this list of the 12 most beautiful university campuses in Australia we’ve compiled through a comprehensive research.

1. University of Sydney

One of Australia’s top ranked universities, the University of Sydney’s main campus in the suburbs of Sydney has been constantly ranked as one of the most beautiful college campuses in the world. With buildings up to 150 years old and centuries old traditions, you can’t miss out gazing and awing at the university’s impressive architecture.  Popular courses offered by the University of Sydney include health sciences, law, architecture, social sciences and literature.

Courtesy: Wikipedia

2. University of Queensland

Australia’s top ranked university for business and life sciences, the University of Queensland is known for its gorgeous campus that offers a wide range of cultural, educational and sporting opportunities.  A research intensive university, the University of Queensland’s impressive alumni network includes a Nobel laureate, leaders in government, an Academy Award winner and two Fortune 500 company CEOs.

Courtesy: IDP Education

3. University of Melbourne

Australia’s second oldest university, the University of Melbourne is well known for its business, law and medicine programs. With Melbourne consistently ranked as one of the world’s most livable cities, the university sits at the heart of the city and provides a plethora of cultural opportunities in the form of numerous activities, museums and art galleries. The University of Melbourne is also famous for attracting researchers from all over the world and is one of Australia’s most productive research universities. 

Courtesy: Wikipedia

4. University of Western Australia

The University of Western Australia was ranked #1 in Good Universities Guide 2016 for student demands, graduate starting salary and research activities. Located in Perth, one of Australia’s most dynamic cities, the University of Western Australia combines quality education and a great learning environment with a great cultural scene as well as promising job prospects. Popular courses at the University of Western Australia include medicine, pharmacy, science, geology and business.

Courtesy: Times Higher Education

5. University of New England

The picturesque University of New England sits in the charming town of Armidale, New South Wales and its rural setting is what makes it a beautiful campus. With a cheaper cost of living and cool climate, the University of New England has over 22,500 students and offers excellent learning programs in agriculture, education, linguistics, archaeology and veterinary sciences. It also has an active alumni network all over Australia working in diverse fields.

UNE EasyUni

6. University of Tasmania

Located on the beautiful island of Tasmania and taking advantage of its unique natural setting, the University of Tasmania is constantly ranked among the top 10 universities in Australia. With over 10,000 students, the University of Tasmania offers a great learning experience coupled with ample of cultural activities as well as opportunities to explore the unique geography of Tasmania. Ranked among the top 2 percent of research universities in the world, the University of Tasmania is renowned for its research in Marine and Antarctic life. Other popular courses of study include environment and medicine.

Courtesy: University of Tasmania Homepage

7. Australian National University (ANU)

With over 6 Nobel Laureates, 49 Rhodes Scholars and 2 Australian Prime Ministers, Australia’s #1 university not only scores in its academic setting but for its beautiful campus as well. Located in Canberra, Australia’s capital city, Australian National University provides a great and unique learning experience through it’s excellent faculty, diverse student body and ample of career prospects. Popular courses include astrophysics, medicine, linguistics, social sciences, public policy and engineering.

Courtesy: US News

8. University of Adelaide

Founded in 1974 and being associated with 5 Nobel Laureates and 104 Rhodes Scholar, Australia’s third oldest university has been involved in many of the world’s leading achievements such as discovery of penicillin and space exploration. The university’s huge campus offers a plethora of activities to do and a wide range of job opportunities in the vibrant city of Adelaide which famous for its atmosphere, art and cuisine. Business, accounting, medicine and environment are the most sought programs at the University of Adelaide.

Courtesy: MBA News Australia

9. University of Wollongong

With over 12,000 students from 134 countries, the University of Wollongong ranks among the top 2% of world universities. Located in the peaceful coastal city of Wollongong, the university offers a wide range of academic programs, world class teaching faculty and a vibrant student culture. Not only does the campus provide ample of social and cultural activities to do, you’re just 15 minutes away from pristine beaches, dense rainforests and serene mountains.

UWollon UWollon
Courtesy: University of Wollongong Homepage

10. University of New South Wales (UNSW)

One of Australia’s top ranked and most popular universities, the University of New South Wales (UNSW) has produced more millionaires than any other city in Australia. With over several research stations located all over the state of New South Wales, UNSW offers a comprehensive learning experience and global exposure through its academic programs. Popular courses include finance, engineering, law and medicine.

Courtesy: University of New South Wales Homepage

11. Monash University

With over 70,000 students, Monash is one of Australia’s leading universities and is ranked in top 20% in teaching, 10% in International outlook, 10% in research and 20% in industry income among world institutions. Its 110 hectares campus sits in Melbourne and provides opportunities to do a number of activities ranging from arts to cuisine. Popular courses include life sciences, social sciences, business and pharmacy.

Monash Wiki
Courtesy: Wikipedia

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