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7 fun reasons to choose Australia as your study abroad destination

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Australia has always been one of the top study abroad destinations for Indian students. the country has the third highest number of foreign students in the world just after UK and US. It is no surprise why around 10 universities from Australia have made it to the list of top 100 universities in the world!

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The education system in Australia is great. Australian universities offer globally recognized degrees to their students along with the opportunity to work while studying so that students can get maximum exposure to both theoretical and practical knowledge. Work opportunities includes both internships and part-time jobs. There are also plenty of scholarships that can be availed for studying in Australia. All these factors make Australia one of the top study abroad destinations for people across the globe. But that’s not all, living is Australia is equally fun, you get to enjoy the lovely weather, food, lifestyle and much more. In case you are wondering what else is in store for you in Australia, check out the list below:

1. No foreign-language classes

interracial people conversing

Oh yes! Majority of the Australians converse in English, although they have a distinct accent and vocabulary, which is not very hard to understand either. Hence if you are coming to study in Australian universities, spare yourself from the pain of taking foreign language classes. Interact with the local people with ease, ask them for directions or inquire about the best restaurants in town, anything that you want to know, in English.

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2. Nature at its best


If you love nature and wildlife, you’ll love to be here. There are unique species of plants and animals found exclusively in Australia. Also, who wouldn’t love to click a picture or two with kangaroos, koalas and wombats? There are plenty wildlife tours organizers whom you can contact. These guided tours are sure to give you a thrilling experience as you chance upon the whales, dingoes, dolphins and much more. 

3. Fantastic beaches and where to find them

bondi beach 

If you love the sea and the beaches, Australia is the place where you should be. Try out water sports, go surfing and have a gala time with your friends. Check out Bondi beach. If you love snorkeling,North Queensland and the Great Barrier Reef is the place for you. Hit the nearest beach on weekends and take a sunbath or just chill with your buddies.

4. Experience the culture


Australia has one of the world’s oldest and richest culture. The country offers you some of the world’s greatest cultural attractions like the Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge. Visit Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, Daintree National Park,Blue Mountains National Park and Kakadu National Park, to witness the wonders of nature. These national parks are declared “World Heitage Sites” by UNESCO. Apart from watching the flora and fauna here, you can also indulge in adventure sports like rock climbing, mountain biking too. There are plenty of beautiful islands too which you can plan to visit on weekends.

5. Friendly people

Australian people

Australia attracts thousands of tourists every year along with a lot of international people who come to Australia for their studies or job. The people here are very friendly and modest and offer help to anybody in need. Many Australians offer home-stays for visitors too. Australians are very liberal and you can also go up to local people in supermarkets or coffee shops for a friendly chat and to know the place better.

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6. Great food


Australia is heaven for food lovers. Due to its multicultural ethnicity due to colonization,mainly from the Asia and the Mediterranean region there is a rich variety in the cuisine here. They eat a variety of seasonal vegetables like cabbage, cauliflower, cucumber, artichoke, asparagus, leek lettuce etc. They also eat plenty of seafood like tuna, salmon and lobster. Australia has a number of cafes too. Once you’re in Australia, don’t forget to try out “Pavlova”, a famous dessert dish, here.

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7. Means of transport


The transport options available in Australia include buses, trains, trams and ferries. If you really want to enjoy your stay in the city, take a tram ride in Melbourne and Adelaide. Tram rides offer great insight into the city. Adelaide’s only remaining tramway, Glenelg tram runs from Hindmarsh, through the Adelaide city centre, to the beach-side suburb of Glenelg and it is rated as one among the top 10 things to do in Australia.

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So, come, study, enjoy your stay in the country and make wonderful memories!

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