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Emergency Services in Australia

Before stepping in a foreign land, you must always equip yourself with a list of emergency phone numbers, which are valid in that country. While you travel to Australia, you must obtain a list of Australia emergency phone numbers. If you got lost or require any help, a list emergency phone numbers in Australia will prove to be of great help. AsiaRooms take care of all your niggling travel worries while you travel to Australia. The list of Australia emergency phone numbers includes fire, ambulance, police and even diver emergency network numbers. You can always find telephone booths almost around every nook and corner of the country. Dial the emergency number and also mention the name of the city where you require assistance.

National Emergency Services

The national telephone number for all emergency services in Australia including AMBULANCE, FIRE, and POLICE is “000”.

How 000 works

000 calls are answered by a Telstra Operator who will ask which service you require – Police, Fire or Ambulance.

The operator will ask relevant questions, and arrange an appropriate response from the local Police, Ambulance or Fire Service.

000 Calls From Mobile Phones

000 calls are free on all mobile phones. From analogue phones, 000 will connect callers, although many newer digital phones require the user to dial 112, the international standard emergency number. Consult your carrier if you are uncertain how to access the 000 emergency network.

Listed below are the emergency phone numbers in Australia that you may find helpful.

  • Ambulance/Fire/Police: 000
  • Poisons Information Cent re: 13 11 26
  • Kids Help Line: 1800 55 1800
  • Diver Emergency Network: 1800 088 200
  • Asthma Australia: 1800 645 130
  • Diabetes Australia: 1300 136 588

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