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Things to pack

  • Copy of all Certificates/Documents (originals in hand baggage)
  • Some necessary stationery and related items suggested (airmail covers, Indian postal stamps etc)
  • Medical history files
  • You can carry some necessary vessels if you intend to cook yourself.
  • Some dry food stuff for  initial few months
  • Summer is pretty hot, shorts and T-shirts are the normal, with a good pair of sneakers (sports shoes). Jeans are standard. A couple or more of decent trousers and dress shirts and a pair of formal shoes. Also, one or two traditional Indian dresses for guys and saris for the ladies. Chappals/sandals and slippers. Bring lots of underwear as people do laundry once every 1 or 2 weeks. Clothes do not get dirty or soiled easily over here. It’s upto the individual how much he or she wants to bring, the above is just a minimum.
  • Winter is very cold, normally people dress in 2-3 layers. A t-shirt, with a sweat-shirt on top, and then a thick coat or a jacket. This suffices even on the coldest days. Bring at least one sweater and one thick jacket/coat. Do not buy heavy leather jackets. If you want to bring one then buy a light weight jacket. Bring a suit if you want to. It can be very helpful in some cases.

Things to be kept in Hand Baggage

  • Medicines,
  • Novels/magazines/books for in-flight reading
  • Sweater
  • Original important documents
  • Enough money (little cash, travelers’ checks)
  • Address book/phone book (Indian & Australian)
  • Copies of your photo (passport size)
  • Enlisted steps to be followed in case of emergency (accident, theft, etc)
  • Things to survive for a week in case luggage gets misplaced (two sets of clothes, valuables like calculator etc).

Things to be kept with you

  • Receipt got along with travelers’ checks – in case you lose the TC’s
  • Contact addresses – especially of people coming to pick you up.

Things to be left at home

  • List of addresses/phone numbers at which info about you can be obtained
  • Copy of all your important documents, a copy of all relevant parts of Medical History files, arrange to collect/redirect mail from your room/hostel, Arrange to apply/collect/mail your transcripts (about 20 in number preferable), your tailoring measurements, a few blank signed papers – so that your parents can be authorized to look after anything on your behalf.

Things to be done in the last week before the flight

  • Call up & find if there is any delay or change of schedule of the plane
  • Inform the people coming to pick you up of any such change
  • Rest well – ready to face the long journey/jet lag  bid bye to all concerns.

On the day of the flight – in-flight + later

  • Since it is going to be a long flight wear something comfortable (cotton dress + full hand shirt).
  • Wear your shoes – in-flight you can remove them (some airlines give in-flight shoes – else relax in socks),
  • Be at the airport 3-4 hours before flight departure, collect AUD$20 at the airport (part of it in $1)
  • Relax during flight, sleep as much as possible
  • For vegetarians – watch out before you eat – you may get non-veg even if you had asked for veg.
  • Veg. food is generally bland – fruits/juice are good choices. (Before ordering anything on board check if you have to pay for it separately for it).
  • Don’t hesitate to ask questions. Once out of India be very careful (from sheer experience of seniors). Don’t trust anyone.
  •  Don’t hire a taxi (unless emergency) till you reach your destination. If required don’t hesitate to spend money. Don’t hesitate to talk to people to ask questions – usually they will answer all your queries properly.

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