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World's Top Non-University Institutions in Science

2006 ranking of World’s Top Non-University Institutions in Science is given below:

per paper
1Max Planck SocietyGermany12.4
2Chinese Academy of SciencesChina10.5
3Russian Academy of SciencesRussia9.6
4CNRS (National Council for Scientific Research)France8.0
6CSIC (National Research Council)Spain7.7
7US Department of AgricultureUS7.6
8Los Alamos National LaboratoryUS7.4
9CNR (National Research Council)Italy7.0
10INFN (National Institute of Nuclear Physics)Italy6.2
11Advanced Institute of Science & TechnologyJapan5.1
12=JST (Japan Science & Technology Agency)Japan4.6
12=Brookhaven National LaboratoryUS4.6
14Argonne National LaboratoryUS4.3
15CEA (Atomic Energy Commission)France3.9

Source: Times Higher

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