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Research and Teaching in Cyprus

EMU is actively engaged in recruiting able scholars and researchers who are also dedicated and energetic educators. The majority of professors teaching at the University have received their Doctoral degrees in Europe or the United States.

The faculty comprise a diverse international community of scholars, from the U.S. and Canada; Europe, including Britain, Ireland, Turkey and North Cyprus; the Middle East; and Asia, including Russia and the Independent Republics.

The University encourages and promotes scholarly research and publication in all academic fields of study, and many faculty members are also actively involved in the community, as professional writers, editors, advisors to the government, or consultants to businesses and industrial corporations; in consequence, they are able to bring to their teaching the expertise and professionalism that comes from experience.

Eastern Mediterranean University and its various departments are affiliated with numerous professional and academic associations, such as the Community of Mediterranean Universities, the European Society for Engineering Education, and the Association of Departments of English of the Modern Language.

The University is also continuing to expand and develop its protocols for mutual cooperation and collaboration, including joint research projects and exchanges of faculty and students, with over 40 universities and research institutions in Turkey, Europe, and the United States.

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