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Why Germany as a Study Destination?


Why Germany as a study destination? This is probably the first question that comes to your mind when you think of studying abroad. It is only but natural for most Indian students not to explore Germany as a study destination mainly because of its language barrier. But today several hundreds and thousands of Indian students are taking up various programs in German universities. As of July 2014, India has the 4th highest number of international students studying in Germany. Here’s a look at 6 reasons that make Germany the 4th most popular destination for higher education, after the US, the UK and Australia (as per

  • Germany has a history of strong academic excellence and is proud to produce scholars like Humboldt, Einstein, Hegel and Planck. Germany is also one of the few countries to have over hundred Nobel laureates, like Albert Einstein, Werner Heisenberg, Günter Grass, Robert Huber, Gerhard Ertl, Wolfgang Paul and Albrecht Kossel to name just a few.

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  • From October 2014 onward, all higher education has been made free for German as well as international students at all universities across Germany! Lower Saxony was the last German state to abolish tuition fee for its students.
  • German universities are perhaps the best places for research and training. A lot of importance to given to individual research and one can find some of the best supervisors of the world in German universities who equally work hard for their research scholars. In-spite of being a non-English speaking country, it still attracts a large number of Indian students in the country, the primary reason being   that German universities offer over 300 international Programs which are taught in English and are recognized the world over.
  • Germany is in fact one of the few countries to have retained the old traditional theory based learning and combined it with modern day pedagogy. Germany has one of the largest university systems in Europe with the oldest university being founded in 1386 in Heidelberg. One of the main reasons for students to choose Germany as a study destination is because of the wide range of universities numbering more than 300. Indian students can choose from a variety of programs which are not available to them in India, thereby making Germany one of the lucrative study destinations among Indian students.

Image AltThe Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München (Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich)
Highest ranked German university in the world [29th in THE World University Rankings 2014 – 2015]
Pic courtesy: Official Facebook page

  • Germany suits the need for every student. It has a course for every student and the university towns have a lot to offer to all foreign students. While studying in Germany, you can explore the rich heritage and culture of Germany. Germany is dotted with historical monuments, palaces and abbeys.

  • More reasons for choosing Germany as a study destination:

    International Degree Programs:
    International degree programs are taught in English and therefore you need not be fluent in German. The courses are offered in various disciplines including natural sciences, engineering, economics and computer sciences. These degrees lead to internationally recognised Bachelor or Master degrees or even to a PhD.
    Job oriented programs: 
    Programs offered in the Universities of Applied Sciences are not only shorter in duration but offer a lot of practical training. The programs also help students interact with the industry experts as they get a hands-on training through their program. Close ties of many universities with companies like DPWN, Siemens, SAP, Daimler (Mercedes-Benz), BMW or Bosch will increase your future career prospects. 
     High academic standards:
    Most German universities maintain a high academic standard. German universities have maintained a high standard of academic excellence from the beginning. It is also one the best places for research especially for engineering and natural sciences.
     Moderate Cost:
    Though the living cost in Germany is slightly expensive, the universities do not charge any tuition fees as they are state-funded. You only have to bear the accommodation expenses, food and transport costs which is also less when compared to other European countries like the UK and France.
     International Exposure:
     Germany is a favourite destination not only among Indian students but also among students from other countries like the US, and other European countries. This will help you interact and build a good network with international students, an advantage which will give you an edge once you are back in your own country.

    Learning German

    Knowledge of German is essential especially if the course that you have opted in Germany is taught fully or partially in German. You have to qualify the DSH-Test and TestDaF after arriving in Germany. However, if your course is taught in English, you need not appear for these tests, though it is always advisable to have some basic knowledge of German. For further information in DSH-Test, click here.

    Where can I learn German:

    You can learn German in any of the following ways:

    • Enroll in a language course in your higher education institution
    • Learn German before arriving in Germany. You can learn German by enrolling in the nearest Goethe Institute (Max Mueller Bhavan in India) (
    • Good language courses are also available in adult education centres (Voklshochschule – VHS) or municipal education centers which are cheaper than private centers.


    You will find a number of German students especially those enrolled in language courses who will be interested in learning a new language and in return will promise to teach you German when you arrive there. Some International Offices keep lists with the names of those interested. This system is known as the “Tandem –System”. You can put up a notice on this in your notice board. This is another interesting and informal way of learning the language.

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