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Introduction to GRE Verbal Section



The GRE Verbal Reasoning Measure section assesses your ability to analyze and interpret reading comprehensions, relationships between component parts of sentences and vocabulary in context. You’re going to become a Grammar Nazi and almost a novel writer once you’ve finished preparing for the GRE Verbal Section!

On the test day, you’ll get 2 sections consisting of 20 questions each and the duration of each section will be 30 minutes. You might get a third Verbal section under the Research or Unscored section.

Read here the detailed GRE verbal section breakdown.


Breakdown of the GRE Verbal Reasoning Measure Section – Question Types

  • Text Completion (6 Questions)

Single Blank – 2 Questions


Double Blank – 2 Questions

Triple Blank – 2 Questions

This is a simple fill in the blank question where you have to choose a word from the answer choices that best fits the blank. There are five answer choices per blank in case of a single blank question while there are three answer choices per blank in case of double or triple blank questions. There is no credit for partially correct answers.

  • Sentence Equivalence (4 Questions)

This question consists of a single blank wherein you have to choose two correct answers from six answer choices. There is no credit for partially correct answers.

  • Reading Comprehension (10 Questions)

Short Reading Passage (4 Questions)

Medium Reading Passage (3-4 Questions)

Paragraph Argument (2 Questions)

The medium and short passages may be combined into a single long passage in one of the verbal sections on the actual GRE.

Best Books for GRE Verbal Section

  1. ETS Official GRE Verbal Reasoning Practice Questions
  2. GRE Verbal Grail – Aristotle Prep (Good for Reading Comprehension)
  3. Kaplan GRE Verbal Workbook
  4. Manhattan 5LB Book of Practice Problems (Questions harder than the actual GRE)
  5. Online GRE Prep

Best Books to learn GRE Vocabulary

  1. Word Power Made Easy – Norman Lewis
  2. Barron’s 1100 Words You Need to Know
  3. Magoosh GRE Vocabulary eBook
  4. Manhattan 500 Essential Words for GRE and Manhattan 500 Advanced Words for GRE

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