Beyond Test Day: Lasting Benefits of Taking the TOEFL® Test


The TOEFL® test is given in just half a day, but the impact of learning English can last a lifetime. If you are thinking about taking the test, understanding the potential TOEFL benefits can be helpful. Scholarship winners from India and around the world have shared their thoughts about how the test has helped them—in the short and long term. From getting accepted into college and preparing for their future careers to instilling confidence in their English skills, past test takers have many great insights to offer. Their experiences may inspire you to and achieve your own dreams!

Getting into Top Schools Across the Globe

Whether past students took the test for undergraduate or graduate admissions abroad, these scholarship winners report the same thing: the TOEFL® test helped them get accepted! Maybe you have decided to work on improving your English skills for college admissions, too. For inspiration, look at the schools around the world that, with the help of the TOEFL® test,have admitted Indian students:

  • Ecole des Hautes Etudes Commerciales in Paris, France: Abhay Gandhi was excited to be admitted to what he called a “top-ranking business school.”
  • Czech Technical University in Prague, Czech Republic: Dinakar Ayalasomayajula earned a master’s degree in Automotive Engineering at this European university
  • McGill University in Montreal, Canada: While in the graduate engineering program, Swathi Meenakshi also planned to write for the university’s campus newspaper
  • Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania,United States: Prashasthi Prabhakar credited her good score on the TOEFL® test with“helping me get into my dream school.”
  • Imperial College London, in the U.K: Darshan Shah felt that the “cultural experience” of studying abroad was just as important as the academic opportunities

Wondering where else you can go with the TOEFL® test? More than 10,000 universities, agencies and other institutions in over 130 countries accept the TOEFL® test, including top universities in Australia, Canada, the U.K. and the United States.

Thinking Ahead to Future Career Success

No matter which field the scholarship winners planned to pursue, they talked about the importance of having strong English skills. Some past test takers have very selfless goals. Shreya Ramachandran of India, for example, said she wants to use her“engineering knowledge to save lives in the community and around the world!” Seon Mi Hong of Korea shares similar aspirations. Hong wants to work for children’s welfare in underdeveloped countries and sees English as necessary to “understand the needs of different regions and supply appropriate resources.”

Other scholarship winners described the TOEFL benefits of improving their English skills in this way:

  • In Jun Cho of Korea sees it as a “stepping stone for a future career in computer programing.”
  • Eun Bi Lee of Korea says most government organizations (the area in which he wants to work) “require good English skills to apply for a job opening.”
  • Tae Yang Park of Korea feels English skills are an “absolute prerequisite for me … to become a diplomat and contribute to the global society.”
  • Prashasthi Prabhakar of India explains that more than technical skills are needed to become a future leader. “Communication skills will be a very important part of my journey towards my goal.”

If you are looking for more inspiration and advice from past TOEFL® test takers, .

Becoming More Confident in English Skills

Today’s society is a more globally minded one and English often becomes a unifying force for people around the world. It helps them communicate and connect, do business together and share common interests. For these reasons, past TOEFL® test takers say they are grateful that the test inspired them to improve their English skills. Seung Kyu Yoo of Korea puts it this way, “I believe the TOEFL® test made me want to learn English further, and helped me get closer to my future goals.”

For Yul Kim of Korea, taking the TOEFL® test was a confidence booster in taking on other challenges in life. Kim said, “I was able to reach beyond my limits when studying … and the experience will help me in whatever challenge that I’ll face in the future.”

Scholarship winners describe having more confidence when interviewing and giving presentations. An added bonus to having better English skills? Watching English-language TV shows and movies are more enjoyable, according to past test takers.

Opening Up a World of Possibilities

TOEFL® scholarship winners seem to agree that taking the TOEFL® test was a smart decision. Learning English had a higher purpose for them—beyond just getting good test scores. They now have more opportunities and can communicate with more people on an international level. Maybe you feel inspired by their stories and cannot wait to see how far your English language skills can take you.

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