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Education System in Malaysia

Organisational Structure of the Ministry of Education

The pre-tertiary phase of MOE comprises the following:

  • The Policy and Educational Development Sector
  • The Education Operations Sector
  • The Teacher Professional Development Sector
  • The Education Development Sector
  • The Education Management Sector
  • Matriculation Division
  • State Education Departments
  • Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka
  • Malaysian Examination Council

The higher education phase comprises the following departments and sectors:

  • The Department of Higher Education
    • Public Higher Education Management Sector
    • Private Higher Education Management Sector
  • The Department of Polytechnics Education
  • The Department of Community College Education
  • The Higher Education Management Sector
  • The Higher Education Development Sector
  • Malaysian Qualifications Agency
  • National Higher Education Fund Corporation (PTPTN)
  • National Professor Council
  • Higher Education Leadership Academy

Primary and Secondary Education in Malaysia

Primary education has duration of six years.  Secondary education is of five years duration, which comprises of three years of lower secondary and two years of upper secondary education. It is a total of eleven years of free education.

The minimum age limit for admission to the first year of primary education is seven. Primary education is compulsory for all children aged between 7 to 12 years. A common entrance examination is held at the end of primary, lower secondary and upper secondary levels.

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Post Secondary Education in Malaysia

After the completion of secondary education, students can opt to pursue 1 to 2 years of post-secondary education. It is a preparatory course to pursue higher education at the university level. The basic entry requirement to the first year of Bachelor’s degree is the total of 12 years of primary and secondary education.

Malaysian government provides 95% of the primary and secondary education and 60% of tertiary education along with the private sector.
Malaysian Qualification Agency (MQA) ensures that quality education is being provided in all the public and private educational institutions.

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Tertiary Education in Malaysia

At the tertiary level, institutes offering higher education grants students with degrees, diplomas, certificate etc. The duration of a bachelor’s degree is 3 years and courses at this level are offered by both government and private institutions, attracting a fair amount of foreign students.

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