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Why Study in New Zealand - 8 Reasons

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New Zealand in recent years has become a popular study abroad destination among international students especially among South Asian students. It is a fast emerging destination among Indian students for quality education and conducive learning environment. Over the past years, New Zealand has witnessed a consistent growth in the number of students preferring New Zealand as a study abroad destination over other countries.

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So here are 8 reasons why New Zealand is a popular study abroad destination among Indian and international students:

1. The campuses are as beautiful as the landscape

The beautiful Otago University campus. Image courtesy:

Students who’ve studied abroad in New Zealand often fall short of words to describe the beauty of this country. It is blessed with an abundance of natural beauty that extends to all its universities’ campuses too. Studying in New Zealand is nothing short of an extended vacation. Especially if this is how your field trips would look like:


A day spent by students planting trees on this beautiful hillside to help restore the yellow-eyed penguins' habitat. Image courtesy:

2. Excellent quality of programs & courses

NZQ approved standard quality courses education New Zealand
NZQA is designated as New Zealand's National Education Information Centre (NEIC). Image courtesy:

All the programs offered by the state-funded universities in New Zealand go through stringent quality checks. All non-university education programs need to be approved by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA), a New Zealand government organization responsible for quality control. In fact, you won’t get a student visa if the course you’re planning to pursue in New Zealand is not approved by a quality assurance body like NZQA.

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New Zealand has 8 state-funded universities, 18 Institutes of Technology and Polytechnics (ITPS) [that offer vocational degree level courses] and 550+ Private Training Establishments (PTEs)/ English language schools that again provide vocational courses but at certificate and diploma level. The quality of education at each of these institutions is maintained on a regular basis.

Apart from the internal quality checks by each university, a central system of quality assurance audits is conducted by the New Zealand Vice Chancellors’ Committee (NZVCC) at both institution and program level.

As a result of these strict checks, qualifications from New Zealand’s institutes and universities are accepted by employers, worldwide.

new%20zealand%20has%20excellent%20standard%20of%20education%20and%20quality%20courses%20 %20University%20of%20Auckland
A wide variety of courses (with excellent global standards) are offered across the various NZ universities. Image courtesy:

3. British-based education system

One of the main reasons for New Zealand being a preferred destination among Indians is that the education programs and degrees are based upon the British education system. Being a colony of the British Empire, it follows the tested and the most recognized system of British education which is very similar to what is followed in India.

Studying in New Zealand can seem like a vacation, thanks to its beauty and charm

4. Internationally Recognized World Class Institutions

New Zealand universities rank among the best in the world. In fact, all the 8 universities rank among the top 3% globally and have found a place in the latest 2016 – 2017 QS World University Rankings as well. A qualification from any of the universities will give you an edge over the others. The universities enroll fewer students and its excellent student-teacher ratio (an average of 6.7) allows you to have a close interaction with the teachers. The institutions have a well balanced curriculum with equal weightage on practical and theoretical knowledge.

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The University of Auckland Business School. Image courtesy:

5. Abundance of job opportunities

According to Chris Whelan, the executive director of Universities New Zealand, after graduation 97% of the students get employed and 90% of them get into job profiles that are relevant to the course they’ve pursued.

Universities New Zealand is the representative body for New Zealand’s eight universities.

6. International Exposure

The "study abroad generation" in the University of Auckland campus. Image courtesy:

Universities in New Zealand have a vast number of international students thereby offering the students a true international ambience. As per Education New Zealand’s acting chief executive John Goulter’s estimates, there are likely to be more than 1.2 lakh international students in New Zealand in 2016! All NZ university campuses are international with students from Europe, Japan, India, South America and Australia enrolled in various programs.

Indian students studying in New Zealand are mostly pursuing vocational courses with private tertiary institutions (70%) and polytechnics (20%) as per Education New Zealand.

7. Affordable tuition fee

The cost of studying in New Zealand is much less compared to countries offering same programs. The tuition fee + cost of living for New Zealand is cheaper than popular study abroad destinations like the US, UK, Australia, Singapore, Canada, Hong Kong, Switzerland (2015 research by FAIRFX currency exchange.)

An MBA program in New Zealand is much less compared to those offered by many institutions in the Northern Hemisphere.

In fact, international PhD students pay the same fees as domestic students of NZ.

8. The irresistible allure and charm of New Zealand

beauty%20of%20new%20zealand%20 %20reason%20to%20study%20abroad
Must do while studying in New Zealand: See the Mount Maunganui, Bay of Plenty. Image courtesy:

Last but not the least New Zealand offers the best of both the worlds- city and country life. You can access all the modern amenities and facilities of city life while enjoying the beauty of countryside. New Zealanders are most friendly and welcome people of all countries irrespective of religion, colour, caste, creed and gender.


Check out this video to have more information on New Zealand as a study destination

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