Environmental Studies in New Zealand

Environmental Studies at Lincoln University; Image Courtesy: lincoln.ac.nz

If natural resources and environment fascinates you, then a degree from New Zealand will definitely help you. There is perhaps no better place to study environmental sciences than New Zealand and Australia. The natural setting of New Zealand, the environment, world class facilities, excellent faculty, and opportunities for field work make New Zealand one of the best places to study environment. Internships include real-world experience in some of the most interesting environmental habitats of the world.

Environment is a very important subject of research in today’s academic field. Political leaders and environment specialists discuss about various issues harming our environment and are always trying to come up with methods to formulate policies to save the environment. Environmental studies is a popular course in New Zealand and if you have decided to churn a career in environment, then New Zealand should be one of your obvious choices for environmental study abroad.

Courses offered under Environmental Education

  • Aquaculture
  • Environmental Management
  • Environmental Studies
  • Natural Resources
  • Marine Biology
  • Tropical Marine Ecology
  • Ecology and Environment
Students taking notes for their Ecology and Environmental Sciences classes in NZ University; Image Courtesy: victoria.ac.nz


A program in Environmental Studies help you specialize in careers related to ecology and environment. You can build your career in:

  • Environmental Policy
  • Environmental Planning
  • Environmental Management
UniversityProgram Length Specializations Available

Lincoln University1-2 years Environmental Management
Environmental Policy
Ecology & Environmental Science  
 Massey University 2 yearsResource & Environmental Planning
Environmental Engineering Corporate Environmental & Sustainable Management
Environment and Sustainability
International Development & Environmental Analysis 
University of Auckland 1-2 yearsEnvironmental Legal Studies
Environmental Management
Environmental Science 
University of Canterbury 1 yearEnvironmental Science
University of Otago 1 yearEnvironmental Science
University of Waikato 1-1.5 yearsEngineering – Environmental Science
Environmental Planning 
 Victoria University of Wellington  1 yearEnvironmental Studies

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