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Visa for Indian Students for Study in New Zealand

If you are an international student wanting to study in New Zealand, you would be requiring a student visa. For applying for a student visa, you need to hold a valid passport which will be valid three months past the end of your planned stay.

Learn more about Student Visa and its necessity.

When do you need a student visa?

Under all conditions, as an Indian student studying in New Zealand, you would require a student visa unless your course is less than 3 months, then you would not need a student visa but a visitor visa.

If you are enrolled in two or more short courses  (whether at the same time, or one after the other), then you need a student visa or permit, unless you are on a working holiday visa or permit.

Difference between Student Visa and Student Permit

Student Permit: A student visa allows you to travel to the New Zealand border. When you arrive in New Zealand an immigration officer will check that you meet all the requirements to be granted a permit to study in New Zealand.

Student Visa: A student permit allows you to study full time in New Zealand for a limited period of time. A student permit may have conditions you must meet—for example, it may name:

  • the course you are allowed to study
  • the educational institute
  • the New Zealand location of the institute

Visa Requirements

Ensure that you meet the visa requirements before you apply for a student visa. To get a student visa you must include:

  • minimum time required for completing the course and name of the course
  • proof that the course and course provider meet New Zealand’s requirements for international students, and  approved by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA)
  • total course fees and amount of annual fees, if the course is longer than one year
  • nature of course fees, whether domestic or foreign fees
  • whether the course is full-time or part-time

To acquire a student visa, you need to show sufficient proof that you are able to fund yourself during the entire stay:

Evidence includes:

  • financial assistance available to you under aid programmes operated in New Zealand by a government agency
  • that you have enough money in New Zealand by you, or on your behalf
  • somebody undertakes the responsibility to cover your accommodation and living costs in New Zealand
  • an undertaking by a New Zealand sponsor to cover your accommodation and living costs

You must also demonstrate your intention of leaving the country after completion of your course.

Do Not Bring the Following Items Into New Zealand:


  • Firearms and weapons, unless a permit is obtained from New Zealand Police on arrival at the airport, this includes sporting firearms (The New Zealand Police Web site has more information on importing firearms)
  • Class A drugs
  • Certain drugs (e.g. diuretics, depressants, stimulants, heart drugs, tranquillisers, sleeping pills), unless in their original bottle with a doctor’s prescription
  • Ivory in any form
  • Tortoise or turtle shell jewellery and ornaments
  • Medicines using musk
  • Rhinoceros or tiger derivatives
  • Carvings or anything made from whalebone or bone from any other marine animals
  • Cat skins or coats

Visa FeesVisa fee for Indian students is Rs 6400. (Please check with the official website for update on visa fees.)



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