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Switzerland - An Overview

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Switzerland also known as Confoederatio Helvetica (CH) lies in the heart of Europe sharing its borders with France, Italy, Germany and Austria. It is also known to be the home of the Alps and some mouthwatering chocolates and cheese. Mostly considered as a country that has its roots in the banking and finance sector, it is also culturally diverse with a wide variety of music and film festivals being conducted around the year. Football, ice hockey and tennis are among the most popular and highly engaging sports in this country along with skiing and mountaineering.

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Education in Switzerland is as diverse and exciting as its picturesque landscape. Featuring excellent academics, a continuous drive for quality, flexibility to cater to varied demands and a foresight to meet challenges, universities in Switzerland consistently rank among the best in the world. The Swiss education system has been built with the cooperation of the Confederation (federal government), the Communes (municipalities) and the Cantons (states). Higher education in Switzerland is imparted by two federal institutes of technology – ETHZ in Zurich and EPFL in Lausanne. In addition to these, there are 10 universities that are managed by the Cantons, and seven regional associations (Fachhochschulen*) that impart vocational education. *German word meaning vocational institutes 

Capital: Bern
Major Cities: Zurich (Largest), Geneva, Bern, Lucerne, Basel, Winterthur, St. Gallen, Biel
Currency: Swiss Franc (CHF) [1 Swiss Franc=68.56 Indian Rupee]
Languages:  German, French, Italian and Romansh
ISD Code:  +41
Time zone: 3.5 hours behind India

Why Study in Switzerland?

Switzerland is an excellent destination for higher studies. Here are some reasons why students opt to study in Switzerland:

  • Switzerland is blessed with breathtaking beauty and a diverse culture that makes it a premier tourist destination in the world.   Some of the most popular tourist attractions in Switzerland are Zurich, Bern, Matterhorn, Jet d’Eau Fountain, Lucerne’s Water Tower and Lugano which make Switzerland a beautiful and a serene place to live in. Indian students studying in Switzerland can fulfill their Bollywood-fuelled vacation dreams over weekends! (Also read: Fun activities in Switzerland for international students)
  • It is located in the heart of Europe and stands as an integral link for transportation and communication. There are daily flights from India to Switzerland.
  • Switzerland has an urban and modern lifestyle, with a high standard of living and high quality service in industries such as health, education, public transportation, etc.
  • Despite being a small country, it has some of the best universities in the world, recognized for brilliant academics, well-known faculty members and fantastic industry placements that make it one of the best destinations for higher studies.
  • Education in Switzerland is comparatively less expensive than other countries and financial aid can be provided to international students who wish to study in Switzerland.


Swiss universities offer a multitude of courses:

• Engineering and Architecture
• Political Science and Economics
• Art, Music, and Design
• Social Sciences and Social Work
• Informatics
• Humanities and Liberal Arts
• Health, Medicine, and Pharmacy
• Natural Sciences and Mathematics
• Criminology and Law
• Literature, Communication and Language Sciences
• Religion and Theology
• Sports and Physical Education
• Teacher Education and Pedagogy

Top 5 Universities in Switzerland

 Switzerland has 8 universities that feature in the top 350 universities around the world according to the latest QS World University Rankings which makes Switzerland one of the most sought after places for higher education internationally.

  1. ETH Zurich (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology): Ranked no. 9 in the world
  2. Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne: Ranked no. 31 in the world
  3. University of Zurich: Ranked no. 104 in the world
  4. University of Geneva: Ranked no. 131 in the world
  5. University of Bern: Ranked no. 120 in the world

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Tuition fees and financial aid for studying in Switzerland

The tuition fees range from CHF 820 to 1,265 (INR 56187 – 86678) per year for Indian students for most universities with some universities charging a higher fee. In addition to this, living expenses range between CHF 11,500 to 18,000 (INR 7,93,145 – 12,41,445) per year, depending on personal needs of a student and the location of the university. Students should evaluate the cost of living in Switzerland before arriving at a decision to study here.

Financial aid is available from private and public sector banks in India for pursuing higher studies in Switzerland.

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