How to Apply for PhD in USA?

Applying to a PhD program is a long and time consuming process however if you follow a step by step process it gets simpler and you will be able to apply to the program of your choice without any hassles. We have listed down all the steps below to make it easier for you to inch a step closer to your PhD in the USA dream.

  • Choose your research topic: It is always recommended to know your topic of research so the application process gets simpler.
  • Research about the PhD program so you end up with the best choice.
  • Since PhD programs involve research work with professors, it is recommended for you to choose one whose work interests you.
  • Getting a PhD from USA can get expensive so it is advisable to look for funding in the form of scholarships and/or teaching assistantships to fund your tuition fees.
  • Keeping the above mentioned points in mind, location, cost of living and non-academic opportunities are important as well. So consider these factors too before choosing a graduate school.
  • Appropriate Bachelors/Masters degree, GRE and TOEFL are 3 basic requirements to apply for a PhD program and they need to be considered well before applying for one.
  • Letters of recommendation, transcripts and SOPs are also 3 things that an applicant needs to take care of before applying to a PhD program.
  • Complete online application and mail all the things mentioned in the above point to the graduate school of your choice.

Have the GRE and TOEFL scores reported to the appropriate department of the university. You will need the institution codes, department codes, your credit card number and its date of expiration and of course, your test registration number and date of testing.

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