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Grading & Marking System in USA

grading and marking system in usa
The US Grading System (GPA); Image Courtesy:

While the numerical grading system is widely accepted in the world, the US grading system is different. Instead of numerical grading, students are evaluated on a credit/ alphabetical grading system.


The grading system that in the US that  is the one in which specific number of credit hours are allotted for each course that a student undertakes. Usually, there is a course load of 6 to 12 credits per semester.

The scale most widely used is a 4 point scale. At the bachelor’s level, the minimum passing grade is C, while at the master’s level, it is B.

 Grade GPA (Grade Point Average)
 Undergraduate Graduate
 A 4 Excellent Excellent
 B 3 Good Average
 C 2 Average Passing
 D 1 Passing Fail
 F 0 Fail Fail

Apart from these grades, there are some specials grades, as well. These special grades are mentioned below:

An IP (In Progress) grade means that the student has not completed all the portions of the subject that is taken over multiple semesters to earn the regular grade. The IP is changed to a regular grade once all the portions are completed.

An NC or NIC (Not Complete Or Incomplete) grade indicates that the student has missed some exams, assignments or homework that are important to evaluate performance.

A W (Withdrawn) grade indicates that the student has decided not to enroll for the course after attending the classes for more than a predetermined period.

The final GPA that a student graduates with, is not a simple average of scores, it is a weighted average. The weight is the number of credit hours. It is predetermined by the faculty, based on the course contents and is displayed in the course schedule.
The final GPA = letter grade value * credit hours/ credit hours.

For International Students, who get percentage scores, there are many ways to convert it into a GPA score. Some of the most common ways have been mentioned below:

Method 1 to convert percentage score into GPA

70 -100 = 4.0 (A)
60 – 70 = 3.0 (B)
50 – 60 = 2.0 (C)
40 to 50= 1.0 (D)
Less than 40 = F

Method 2 to convert percentage score into GPA

Divide by 100 and multiply by 4.

For Example, if someone gets 90 percent, then, the GPA is, 90 divided by 100 and multiply by 4. which comes out to be 3.6

Method 3 to convert percentage score into GPA

Many Universities take the percentage score as the GPA score, with the only difference that they change the scale. So, if you get 8 points out of 10, your GPA would be 8, and scale would be 10. Similarly, if you get 80%, your GPA would be 80 and the scale would be 100.

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