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Top 100 Schools for Computer Science in the US

Computer Science in the US

As of 2016, over 34.9% of the 1.7 lakh students studying in the US are pursuing Computer Science (CS). The US is the birthplace of Silicon Valley – the hub for innovation in Computers and is also home to some of the best universities in the world for CS.

Here’s a list of top 100 university  in the USA for Computer Science based on our research from various sources such as US News, Times Higher Education and Forbes.

    1. Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA
    2. Massachusetts Institute of Technology ,Cambridge, MA
    3. Stanford University ,Stanford, CA
    4. University of California—Berkeley ,Berkeley, CA
    5. University of Illinois—Urbana-Champaign ,Urbana, IL
    6. Cornell University ,Ithaca, NY
    7. University of Washington ,Seattle, WA
    8. Princeton University ,Princeton, NJ
    9. Georgia Institute of Technology ,Atlanta, GA
    10. University of Texas—Austin ,Austin, TX
    11. California Institute of Technology ,Pasadena, CA
    12. University of Wisconsin—Madison ,Madison, WI
    13. University of California—Los Angeles ,Los Angeles, CA
    14. University of Michigan—Ann Arbor ,Ann Arbor, MI
    15. Columbia University ,New York, NY
    16. University of California—San Diego ,La Jolla, CA
    17. University of Maryland—College Park ,College Park, MD
    18. Harvard University ,Cambridge, MA
    19. University of Pennsylvania ,Philadelphia, PA
    20. Brown University ,Providence, RI
    1. Purdue University—West Lafayette ,West Lafayette, IN
    2. Rice University ,Houston, TX
    3. University of Southern California ,Los Angeles, CA
    4. Yale University ,New Haven, CT
    5. Duke University ,Durham, NC
    6. University of Massachusetts—Amherst ,Amherst, MA
    7. University of North Carolina—Chapel Hill ,Chapel Hill, NC
    8. Johns Hopkins University ,Baltimore, MD
    9. New York University ,New York, NY
    10. Pennsylvania State University—University Park ,University Park, PA
    11. University of California—Irvine ,Irvine, CA
    12. University of Minnesota—Twin Cities ,Minneapolis, MN
    13. University of Virginia ,Charlottesville, VA
    14. Northwestern University ,Evanston, IL
    15. Ohio State University ,Columbus, OH
    16. Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey—New Brunswick ,Piscataway, NJ
    17. University of California—Davis ,Davis, CA
    18. University of California—Santa Barbara ,Santa Barbara, CA
    19. University of Chicago ,Chicago, IL
    20. Dartmouth College ,Hanover, NH
    21. Stony Brook University—SUNY ,Stony Brook, NY
    22. Texas A&M University—College Station ,College Station, TX
    23. University of Arizona ,Tucson, AZ
    24. University of Colorado—Boulder ,Boulder, CO
    25. University of Utah ,Salt Lake City, UT
    26. Virginia Tech ,Blacksburg, VA
    27. Washington University in St. Louis ,St. Louis, MO
    28. Arizona State University ,Tempe, AZ
    29. Boston University ,Boston, MA
    30. North Carolina State University ,Raleigh, NC
    31. University of Florida ,Gainesville, FL
    32. Indiana University—Bloomington ,Bloomington, IN
    33. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute ,Troy, NY
    34. University of Pittsburgh ,Pittsburgh, PA
    35. University of Rochester ,Rochester, NY
    36. Michigan State University ,East Lansing, MI
    37. University of California—Riverside ,Riverside, CA
    38. University of California—Santa Cruz ,Santa Cruz, CA
    39. Vanderbilt University ,Nashville, TN
    40. Northeastern University ,Boston, MA
    41. University of Illinois—Chicago ,Chicago, IL
    42. University of Notre Dame ,Notre Dame, IN
    43. Iowa State University ,Ames, IA
    44. University at Buffalo—SUNY ,Buffalo, NY
    45. University of Iowa ,Iowa City, IA
    46. University of Oregon ,Eugene, OR
    47. George Mason University ,Fairfax, VA
    48. Oregon State University ,Corvallis, OR
    49. Syracuse University ,Syracuse, NY
    50. Case Western Reserve University ,Cleveland, OH
    51. College of William and Mary ,Williamsburg, VA
    52. Colorado State University ,Fort Collins, CO
    53. Naval Postgraduate School ,Monterey, CA
  1. New York University ,Brooklyn, NY
  2. Tufts University ,Medford, MA
  3. University of Delaware ,Newark, DE
  4. University of Maryland—Baltimore County ,Baltimore, MD
  5. University of Nebraska—Lincoln ,Lincoln, NE
  6. University of Tennessee—Knoxville, Knoxville, TN
  7. University of Texas—Dallas ,Richardson, TX
  8. Washington State University ,Pullman, WA
  9. Brandeis University ,Waltham, MA
  10. Clemson University ,Clemson, SC
  11. CUNY Graduate School and University Center ,New York, NY
  12. Florida State University ,Tallahassee, FL
  13. George Washington University ,Washington, DC
  14. University of Connecticut ,Storrs, CT
  15. University of Kansas ,Lawrence, KS
  16. University of New Mexico ,Albuquerque, NM
  17. Auburn University ,Auburn, AL
  18. Brigham Young University ,Provo, UT
  19. Drexel University ,Philadelphia, PA
  20. Kansas State University ,Manhattan, KS
  21. New Jersey Institute of Technology ,Newark, NJ
  22. Oregon Health and Science University ,Beaverton, OR
  23. University of Central Florida ,Orlando, FL
  24. University of Georgia ,Athens, GA
  25. University of Kentucky ,Lexington, KY
  26. University of Texas—Arlington, Arlington, TX
  27. Worcester Polytechnic Institute  ,Worcester, MA

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