A Review of ICFAI MBA Curriculum – Nurturing the Future

The ICFAI MBA program has been ranked No. 12 in India by the Hindustan Times for its full-bodied curriculum and excellent placement record. It has also been accredited as A** by the prestigious rating agency CRISIL. And of course, there are good reasons for this.Review of ICFAI MBA Curriculum

Even since its first few years, it has been praised for attracting great placements. Many of its students are now heading key departments of leading corporate institutions in India and elsewhere. Here, we take an overview of what goes into their success recipe – which is the flagship MBA program.


ICFAI’s MBA program is built around the core aim of preparing students with knowledge, insights and skills needed to participate in businesses as successful managers and leaders. The program is designed in a way that it builds a range of functional skills in the students. It then equips them with the perspective needed to apply these in skills in the real world, and also to adapt and integrate these skills in various professional contexts.

Selecting diverse students

Review of ICFAI MBA CurriculumThe students taken into the program are usually from a wide diversity of backgrounds. This is to keep the classroom fresh with ideas from every business domain possible.

They are selected not merely on their academic merit, but also on their passion and eagerness to learn. The class size too is maintained at an optimal number to have more effective learning sessions. These factors make the ICFAI MBA batches very diverse and full of dynamism.

What makes this MBA degree stand out?

The major highlights of doing an MBA from ICFAI is are these three:

•    Industry Linkages: The MBA program at ICFAI has strong industry linkages. The course is periodically refreshed to meet the trends of the industry. This interface helps the college in not only good placements but also in arranging for guest lectures and entrepreneurial events with the leaders of the business world.

•    Experiential Learning: As even the more general ICFAI university reviews suggest, students are encouraged to go beyond the theoretical Review of ICFAI MBA Curriculumlearning at the classroom. Through an array of arrangements, they exposed to business and real life situations which they get to solve and take insights from. The college constantly arranges business games, simulation exercise during its fests and meets to the idea of experiential learning always alive during their year.

•    Case Based Learning: Most of the education at ICFAI happens through real-life events. ICFAI university is a repository of hundreds of cases from its own research team and from the research of other established and international think tanks. These case studies are formatted into a design that is used from classroom teaching, discussion and evaluation.

The Core Structure

The program is spread across two years, and covers 28 core courses apart from two programs in soft skills and the final management thesis. The students are also required to undergo a summer internship program of 14 weeks at a well-establish organization. Unlike usually, the summer internship is a very serious affair at ICFAI and interns are mentored by the faculty throughout the summer, until their report is completed.

Eclectic Range of Electives:

The program offers a great degree of choice for students to specialize into. Special electives are offered within the broad areas of Branding, Investments, IT and Systems and Accounting. Even within the broad areas, there are a range of specific electives that are not just unique but are efficiently designed to suit the modern economy.

Review of ICFAI MBA CurriculumSome of these courses include Leadership and Change Management, Relational Database Management, Advanced Management Accounting and Rural Banking & Microfinance. These specialized courses offer niche skills to students looking forward to explore careers in the concerned areas.

Summing up

As a concluding note, the MBA degree at ICFAI goes beyond the traditional ideas of business education to include new methods that make it more relevant to the industry and student need. It is therefore no surprise to see that the school has been supplying the corporate world with some of the most creative and skilled managerial workforce.



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