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Types of Accomodation for Youth


The four metro cities and the other large cities may well be considered the nerve centers of good quality education, especially higher education in India. In anyone of these cities there are numerous high schools, colleges of music and fine arts, undergraduate and graduate colleges, one or more universities, engineering and medical colleges, industrial training institutes (ITI) s colleges of vocational studies and so forth. Of late there has been mushrooming of computer technology institutes, institutes imparting certificates/diplomas/degrees in marketing, sales and management, embassies and cultural centers of several countries conduct courses in their respective languages; the list is fairly endless…

There is yet another factor that causes influx of youth in the urban areas. A sizeable section of small town boys and girls (especially the educated ones) find their way into big cities in quest of a livelihood.

The major cities prove to be crowd pullers especially for the young boys and girls residing in small towns and villages, near these cities who flock here for pursuit of higher education and research. Since the bulk of such courses spread over two to three years or more, most of the outstation students need to make arrangements for stays of long duration.

Many of the students have relatives or friends who can put them up for the entire length of time or at least for sometime. In case this arrangement does not work out, the students may consider the following options:

Academic Hostels

For the students, be it boys or girls, the best thing is to seek accommodation in the hostels attached to the colleges, departments/faculties of the universities etc. With a few exceptions, the hostels are by far the safest (especially for the Eve), maintain a semblance discipline, order and security. The lodging and boarding charges are affordable and reasonable.

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Off-Campus Hostels

For university students as well as workingwomen, there are diverse categories of accommodation available within a city. The municipal corporations of such cities run a number of hostels to cater to these sections. Several private organisations like the YWCA and YMCA also run hostels for university students and office-goers.

Paying Guest Accommodation

This is a very common and popular trend particularly evident in the metros. Under this arrangement, young boys or girls stay with families just like members or relatives, but paying for their meals, accommodation and other services/facilities provided. However in most cases they must adhere to the terms and conditions laid down by the families.

Private Accommodation

Very often we find groups of female students/ working girls (and even men). hiring an entire floor or a wing of private homes, sharing the spaces as well as the living expenses between themselves. However a major drawback is that the young women often become victims of eve-teasers or other anti-social elements. Hence it is advisable that they exercise abundant caution while choosing the localities and the premises.

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