Cacti Cultivation

Cacti cultivation is more like specialization in a part of gardening. So, those who are interested in gardening but are too lazy to take care can start growing cacti. There are different types of cacti and it is very easy to cultivate cacti as they do not need much attention.

Cacti are succulents (but not all succulents are cacti ) & spines are found on all true cacti. These spines grown from small tuft of hair or wool. This is known as an areole and is unique feature of this plant. No cacti have leaves except the Genus Pereskia.

Cacti Cultivation : Cacti, often described as desert plant needs sunny and well airy space with light potting mixture. Like every other plant, over watering kills them too. But one must be extra careful in watering. The art of growing cacti is in the watering and the amount given can vary according to the type of mixture.

Potting Mixture : Two parts loam, one part peat and one part of shard coarse sand. Some additions of broken brick or granulated charcoal may be incorporated. The idea is to make a mixture which is porous and water never stagnates.
Once your cacti starts growing then there is very little care to be taken. So Happy cacti cultivation.

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