Coin Collection

Coins are the footprints of history, it has been said, and without question it is interesting to hold history in your hand. A  typical coin buyer is called a numismatist.

According to the best tradition, a numismatist was and is a person who buys coins for the intellectual satisfaction they provide. Connoisseurship in numismatics is appreciating fully the ownership of coins. Coins are meant to be enjoyed, to be appreciated, to be owned with pleasure. This is connoisseurship. 

Old Bronze Coins

Like the Sphinx, a coin keeps many secrets. We can learn the answers to some. Others will remain forever unknown, which perhaps is all for the best, for nothing makes something more interesting than having a certain mystique.

What is the date on the coin? 1793? 1851? 1964? Normally the date serves to identify the time of mintage.  Although 19,570 silver dollars were coined in Philadelphia in the year 1804, these are believed to have been struck from dies dated 1803 and earlier. However, for most coins the date represents the actual time of striking. All 1909 Indian cents were struck in 1909, and all 1951-S Franklin half dollars were struck in 1951.

Once you know the date on the coin, you can visit the nearest library and gather information about that era. Take care of your coins by preserving them in good boxes and label them for later reference. Once you have a good collection you can display them by arranging a small exhibition. So happy collecting….

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