Candle Making

Lit or unlit, candles create an instant atmosphere. They come in a wide variety of colors, shapes, sizes and scents. Candles also serve many purposes, including atmosphere, celebration and decoration and many more. While candle making should always be fun, it is not always successful. Keep in mind the following tips to make the process a little easier. And always remember, if you don’t like the finished product or if it turns out to be a disaster, you can always melt it down and start over again. But, don’t forget, an ugly candle will burn just as bright and long as any other candle.

Melting Wax

Always melt wax in a container over a pot of hot water, such as a double boiler. To blend wax and dye, melt the wax first, then add the dye. Use a thermometer to check the temperature of the wax.

Priming the Wick

Prime the wick before melting the wax. Immerse the wick in the wax for about five minutes. Pull the wick straight and lay flat to harden.

General Precautions

Keep unused wax clean so you don’t get dust and dirt in your candles. If wax begins to smoke, turn off heat, but don’t touch the wax. If wax catches on fire, smother the flames with a lid. From plain and simple to the most extravagant and elaborate, all types of candles are fun to make.

The following are just a few of the different types of candles to get you started.

Dipped candles

Over dipping a white candle in color
  • Melt a little wax and dye together
  • Heat a deep pan of water to almost boiling
  • Pour the wax slowly onto the hot water
  • Hold the candle(s) by the wick and dip in up to the wick
  • Let cool and repeat if desired

Molded Candles

  • Lightly coat your mold with oil
  • Prepare your wick
  • Melt your wax over a low heat
  • Add any dyes and/or scents you want to use
  • Pour the wax into mold
  • Let the wax sit for at least eight hours
  • Top off the mold after it has settled and leave to harden
  • Remove the candle from the mold
  • Trim the wick and burn

Scented Candles

  • Just add the scent of your choice to the melted wax!

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