Word of The Day : Cleave

 Cleave  –/kliːv/


The verb “cleave” is to divide anything into different portions, especially into groups with opposing viewpoints.

Word of the Day: cleave

Examples of Cleave

  • The political party was cleaved by an internal  dispute
  • A protein is cleaved by an impulse.
  • He continued to cleave the beliefs of his childhood.
  • Children cleaving to their families
  • The latest earthquake nearly caused the volcano to split in half.

Synonyms for Cleave

  • Stick
  • Hew
  • Divided
  • Separated 
  • Chop

Antonyms of Cleave

  • Antinous release
  • axioms of choice
  • Antinous releases
  • Antony overs
  • points of care
  • terms of trade


The word Cleave means “to adhere firmly and closely or loyally and  unwaveringly, To know the meaning of these kinds of words, keep visiting India education.