Word of the day- Paranoid

Word of the day- Paranoid    Paranoid- /ˈpær.ən.ɔɪd/  The word Paranoid defines feeling very uneasy and scared because you think others dislike you or are attempting


Word of the day-Subsume

Word of the day-Subsume  subsume-/səbˈsjuːm/ Subsume is a verb that comes from the Latin words sub, which means “from below,” and sumere, which means “take.”


Word of the day-Verdant

Word of The day-Verdant verdant /ˈvəːd(ə)nt/ The word Verdant defines When something is green with plant life it’s verdant, a word often used to idealize


Word of The day-Apprehensive

Word of The day-Apprehensive  apprehensive-     /aprɪˈhɛnsɪv/ A person who is worried about something which is going to happen in future is called an apprehensive.


Word of The day-Venturesome

Word of the day-Venturesome venturesome –   /ˈvɛntʃəs(ə)m/ The adjective “venturesome” refers to a person’s willingness to take a risk or to engage in behaviour that

Word of The day-Impending

Word of The day-Impending impending /ɪmˈpɛndɪŋ/ The impending word meaning is an upcoming/unpleasant event that will happen very soon. Example of Impending The player Declared


Word of The day-Proforma

Word of The day-Proforma         pro forma- /prəʊ ˈfɔːmə/ The meaning of the word “proforma” is An invoice listing all the materials and the price of


Word of The day: Vernal

Word of the day: Vernal   vernal-   /ˈvəːn(ə)l/ The Latin word vernal means spring, The English word vernal first appeared in the sixteenth century. If

Word of the Day: cleave

Word of The Day : Cleave

Word of The Day : Cleave  Cleave  –/kliːv/ The verb “cleave” is to divide anything into different portions, especially into groups with opposing viewpoints. Examples

Word Dissent

Word of the Day: Dissent

Word of the Day: Dissent   dissent –  dis·sent |    Dissent word refers to a term that can be disagreement or a difference of opinion. Example of