Word of the day: Germinal

ger·​mi·​nal | \ ˈjərm-nəl  , ˈjer-mə-nᵊl \

 The word Germinal comes from a Germ, which defines a being in the earliest stage of development of disease, the germinal is a scientific word. Germinal  is a Latin word germin-, germen . The word germinal define: Germinal, an adjective, describes something that is just starting to happen.


Examples of Germinal

  • Germinal ideas for anthroposophical scientific research.
  • The primary B cell follicle matures in germinal centres.
  • The nucleus of the egg is in the germinal disc.
  • I can’t recommend Germinal highly enough.

Synonyms for Germinal

  • Seminal
  • Originative
  • Glial-cells
  • Blastema
  • Richening
  • originative

Antonyms of Germinal

  • Linger
  • Undershoot
  • Absorb
  • Unweave
  • stay


The word germinal means is originative, seminal,and contemporary. For like these words keep updating on India exam.