Word of the day- Paranoid

   Paranoid- /ˈpær.ən.ɔɪd/ 

The word Paranoid defines feeling very uneasy and scared because you think others dislike you or are attempting to hurt you.


Example for paranoid

  • My friends are very paranoid about making sure everything’s locked.
  • he always gets a bit paranoid about the traffic on the highway.
  • I had lost all self-confidence and had become somewhat paranoid.

Synonyms of paranoid

  • show-me
  • skeptical 
  • suspecting
  • suspicious
  • Unbelieving

Antonyms of paranoid

  • certain 
  • confident 
  • positive
  • sure
  • Careless


The word says a person who does not trust anyone or suffers from an illness. To know the meaning of these kinds of words, keep visiting India education.