Word of the day: Repugnant

Sonalika S.

Sonalika S.

repugnant \ ri-ˈpəg-nənt \ adjective

The repugnant word defines, a feeling of horrible experiences, with a person’s place or things. A repugnant meaning is a offensive, detestable, or obscene. It can be repugnant to your mind or your morals. It can also be physically repugnant. 


Examples of Repugnant

  • The smell that comes from a restaurant’s dumpster, which hasn’t been emptied since the very exciting.
  • I find his political ideas totally repugnant.
  • The idea of accepting a bride is repugnant to me.
  • We found his suggestion absolutely repugnant.
  • The memory of how my brother had conducted himself made that course repugnant.
  • But this is a fairly repugnant conclusion to most of us.

Synonyms for Repugnant

  • Disgusting
  • Horrible
  • Offensive
  • Obscene
  • Repulsive

Antonyms of Repugnant

  • Acceptable
  • Blessed
  • Felicitous
  • Gratifying
  • Pleasant
  • Delicious


The repugnant word is a very unique and beautiful word. Adding words like repugnant can improve your vocabulary. We will be bringing more of these unique words to you soon. They will help you improve your communication and writing skills.