Word of the day-Subsume


Subsume is a verb that comes from the Latin words sub, which means “from below,” and sumere, which means “take.” So subsume means “to take from below,” subsume define to include something in a larger amount or large group number.


Example of subsume

  • How can subsume these items?
  • States subsume many of the responsibilities of governing from the county.
  • Subsume all of the military under one, with authority.
  • You are always willing and eager to subsume your interests and desires to his.


Synonyms for subsume

  •  Include,
  • encompass, 
  • embrace, 
  • incorporate, 
  • contain, 
  • transmute,.

Antonyms of subsume

  • ban, 
  • bar, 
  • debar, 
  • preclude, 
  • prevent, 
  • prohibit


The word subsume means to have as part of a whole.To know the meaning of these kinds of words, keep visiting India education.