Word of the day: Vanquish

vanquish- /ˈvaŋkwɪʃ/

The verb Vanquish means to defeat the enemy thoroughly in war. To vanquish is to be the complete and total winner, to overpower and overcome, whether in a contest, a race, or a war.


Examples of Vanquish

  • He is a fair fighter but uses powerful magic to vanquish enemies.
  • You must try to vanquish your fears to become successful in life.
  • The Lord can give You the power to Vanquish your enemies.
  • He had thought of a way to vanquish the tiger.

Synonyms for Vanquish

  • Defeat
  • Beat
  • Conquer
  • Reduce
  • Crush
  • Overpower

Antonyms of Vanquish

  • Fail
  • Fall
  • Get the worst off
  • Go down
  • Go under
  • Surrender


The word vanquish define to overcome or overpower/defect/beat. To know the meaning of these kinds of words, keep visiting India education.