Word of the day: Vernal

  vernal-   /ˈvəːn(ə)l/

The Latin word vernal means spring, The English word vernal first appeared in the sixteenth century. If you want to describe anything that happens in the spring, or has anything to do with the spring, use the word vernal to describe it.      


Examples of Vernal

  • Green is a simplistic colour that represents vernal productivity.
  • Vernal pool plant communities are commonly connected to it as well.
  • The linnet chirps her vernal song
  • Smiling and enjoying the vernal sunshine!

Synonyms for Vernal

  • Gracious
  • Beatified
  • Early blooming 
  • Self-propelled
  • Young 

Antonyms of Vernal

  • Summery
  • Autumnal
  • Wintery
  • Brumal


The word vernal is defined. The first day of spring is also called the vernal. To know the meaning of these kinds of words, keep visiting Indiaeducation.net