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AIEEE Syllabus 2012

AIEEE Syllabus 2012 i.e. Syllabus content for All India Engineering Entrance Exam comprises of 4 subjects, AIEEE Physics, AIEEE Chemistry, AIEEE Mathematics and AIEEE Aptitude Test for design and architecture. The AIEEE Syllabus 2012 is taken from Class 11th and Class 12th syllabus in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. Since AIEEE is all India engineering entrance examination, keeping in view of all board students including CBSE Board students, AIEEE Syllabus is devised such that any board student could be able to answer question in AIEEE examination. The AIEEE has 2 version of entrance test; AIEEE Online Test and AIEEE paper pencil based test. For both the versions syllabus is common.

AIEEE Syllabus 2012 For Physics contains following major sections in physics: mechanics, thermal physics, electrical physics, optics, modern physics and electronics. For basic preparation of these topics your school books for class 11th and 12th will do, however, you need to practice lots of questions in physics both numerical and theory based. Questions are asked from all the section. However weightage for number of question in each section varies from year to year basis. Sound knowledge in higher secondary school level mathematics is necessary for attempting AIEEE Physics paper.

AIEEE Syllabus 2012 For Chemistry consists of General Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry and Organic Chemistry. Both numerical and theory based questions are asked in AIEEE Chemistry section. You need to posses sound knowledge of mathematics for solving AIEEE Chemistry problems. School books for Class 11th and 12th are sufficient for preparation of basics. However, you require practice lots of multiple choice questions for AIEEE Chemistry preparation. Weightage for number of question in each section varies from year to year basis.

AIEEE Syllabus 2012 For Mathematics consists of Algebra, Trigonometry, Geometry, Calculus, Statistics etc. For the basic preparation of AIEEE Mathematics class 11th and 12th books are enough but for practice you need to solve lots of multiple choice questions of AIEEE standard. Sound understanding of Mathematics formulae and theorems is essential to qualify in AIEEE mathematics paper. Weightage for number of question in each section varies from year to year basis.

AIEEE Syllabus 2012 For Aptitude Test for architecture and design courses can be prepared by practicing lots of design questions. The paper tests engineering design aptitude of candidates.

For the benefits of candidates appearing for AIEEE here given detailed AIEEE Syllabus. To know more please click below in AIEEE subject choices.


AIEEE Syllabus For Paper I

1. AIEEE Syllabus For Mathematics

The Syllabus of Units 1 – 10 which includes Sets, Relations and Functions, Matrices, and permutation and combination.
The Syllabus of Units 11 – 16 which includes Co-ordinate Geometry, Vector Algebra, Statistics and Trigonometry.

2. AIEEE Syllabus For Physics

3. AIEEE Syllabus For Chemistry

AIEEE Syllabus For Paper II


4. AIEEE Syllabus For Aptitude Test

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