Career Options After Scoring Low Percentage In 12th

Did not do well in your 10+2 (HSC) exams? Don’t lose hope; for there are many courses that you are eligible to study!

Career options after scoring low percentage in 12th

Getting good marks is a great thing, but it is definitely not the only thing in a student’s life. It is good if you score well, but what if you don’t? What do you do? What options does it leave you with? This article provides insights into the career options available for those who did not fare well in their 12th exams. We give you options for successful careers you can opt even with less marks or less percentage.

Marion Zimmer Bradley once famously said, “The road that is built in hope is more pleasant to the traveler than the road built in despair, even though they both lead to the same destination.”

“OK, I know all that, but I have less than 50% marks in my 12th exam, now tell me what career options am I left with?”

There are plenty of Career Options After Scoring low Percentage in 12th. We have listed a few courses and career options you can pursue even if you have not got a high score in your class 12 board exams:

Fashion Designing

If you always like dressing up nicely, know what the latest trend in fashion industry is and have a knack for good design in clothes, you can join a course in fashion designing. You require just 45% average score to be eligible to apply for undergraduate courses in this field. Click here to learn more about fashion designing courses.



You see beauty in the simple things around you, you appreciate technology, and you have the sense of colours, join a photography course and take up a similar course for graduation through distance learning or by enrolling in a university programme. You can apply to institutes like FTII, Pune, once you complete your graduation, for a course in cinematography. The best part about most photography courses is that usually there are no academic requirements for them. Click here to know about the institutes offering photography courses.


Acting/ dance/ music

If you think you have it in you, join a course in performing arts, like acting, music or dance. You would need talent and the will to perfect your skill in order to pursue these courses. To know more about performing arts, click here.


Air hostess/ steward

jet airways air hostess1

If you have a pleasing personality and good communication skills, join a flight crew course after completing 12th. You can always pursue your graduation through correspondence, to better your qualification. Read more: How to pursue a career as an air hostess.

Occupational therapy

You like to help people and like biology, you can be a paramedic or an occupational therapist. Mandatory subjects to pursue a Bachelors of Occupational Therapy (BOTh) are chemistry, physics and biology/botany and zoology, with a minimum of 45 to 50 %marks in each of these subject.To know more about these courses, click here. Click to know more about the B.O.Th course. Also learn more about the career of an occupational therapist, salary, institutes etc.

Mass communication & media

Always wanted to write about things? Join a Mass Communication institute if you are creative & expressive and have strong peoples skills. You can get into the media as a journalist or get into the advertising industry or corporate communications. Take a look at the various career options (& courses available.)

Career in sports

If you like a certain sport then you can join a professional academy and better your skills and pursue your graduation side-by-side, through correspondence, or apply to various universities through sports quota. Read more: Professional sports as a career option.

Technical Career

You want to get into a technical line you can go for ITI course. You can join an ITI (Industrial Training Institute). The objective of ITIs is to provide technical manpower to industries. After you complete your training, you are eligible to appear in the AITT (All India Trade Test) conducted by NCVT (National Council for Vocational Training). After successfully passing AITT, you will be awarded NATIONAL TRADE CERTIFICATE (NTC) in concerning trade by NCVT.

After passing ITI course you can even undergo practical training in the trade of your choice, in the industry for a year or two. The courses offered by most ITIs are for: electricians, fitters, plumbers, diesel mechanics, computer operators, programming assistants, electrical mechanics, in the field of Information Technology, Mechanic – Computer Hardware, in Refrigeration & Air Conditioning, turners and welders. You can pursue your graduation in any field through correspondence, side-by-side.

Animation/ web design

You are computer savvy and creativity is your thing, join an animation course, or join a web designing course and get yourself enrolled for a correspondence course to pursue your graduation. The scope in animation industry is immense. You can also pursue your graduation in fine arts. Also read: All about the scope of Animation in India

Career in Marketing

So, you think you can sell eggs to a hen? Join a diploma course in sales and marketing and pursue your graduation through correspondence.

Foreign languages

Learn a foreign language and get recruited in an embassy or as a tour guide or as an interpreter or as a PR officer. Join a similar course in graduation to up your skills. Some of the institutes that offer these courses are:

  • School of Languages – Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi
  • Central Institute of English and Foreign Languages (CIEFL) – Hyderabad
  • Banaras Hindu University – Varanasi
  • University of Delhi – New Delhi
  • Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Jawaharlal Nehru Academy of Languages – New Delhi
  • Max Mueller Bhavan- various cities
  • Indo – Italian Chamber of Commerce – Mumbai
  • Japanese Information and Cultural Center – New Delhi
  • Ram Krishna Mission – Kolkata
  • Pune University, Ganeshkhind, Pune
  • Rajasthan University, Jaipur, Rajasthan

To know more, Click Here.

Career in Event Management

You are good at organizing stuff. Join an Event Management Course in a university. To know more, Click Here.

Career in Sound Engineering

You have the knowledge of sound; you like background music in movies and on TV, why not join a course in sound engineering? Institutes like Delhi Film Institute offer a 3 to 6 month undergraduate certification programme.You can pursue your graduation side-by-side and then apply to institutes like FTII, Pune for post-graduate programmes.

Career in Travel and Tourism

You love to travel, you have a pleasing personality and posses good communication skills, join a course in Travel and Tourism. You can join a certification course or a degree course. For admission to the post graduate programmes, there are entrance exams. For more, Click Here.

Career as a DJ and RJ

dj pearl1

You like music, mixing different kinds of music, have great presentation skills, coupled with that, you want an out of the box career – be a DJ, or an RJ. To know more about Disc Jockeying and Radio Jockeying, Click Here.

Distance Learning

Universities like IGNOU offer distance learning courses. You can pursue a Distance Learning Program and simultaneously give your career a boost by pursuing a professional degree like journalism, fashion designing, photography or creative writing.

There are a lot of certificate and diploma courses as well. For details on Distance Education, Click Here.


You express yourself best through drawing, you like creativity. Join a course to be a cartoonist. For details, Click Here.


You can even join computer courses like Tally and pursue an under graduate degree course. You can get a job as a data entry operator in accounts; you will work with the auditors of the company.

So, where there’s a will, there’s a way. With this in mind, don’t lose hope and get active.

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