MBA Personal Interview Tips



MBA Personal Interview PI

Following is a list of important tips for Personal Interview during MBA entrance exam. These tips will help you not only in CAT but other MBA entrance exams like XAT, MAT, SNAP and CMAT.

We bring you some useful tips which will help you crack the Personal Interview (PI) round for MBA admissions.

1. Practice by going on interviews, may be even for jobs you have no intention of taking.

2. Research the institutes thoroughly. Use the Internet, libraries and periodicals to find current information.

3. Know the institutes market, products and goals, as well as details such as college rank, performance, faculty and placements.

4. Memorize some facts about the institutes and be prepared to cite them during the interview.

5. Formulate a list of intelligent questions to ask during your interview.

6. Talk to alumni from that particular institute.

Interview Tips

Keeping Eye Contact During Interview

Maintaining eye contact with the person you are speaking to is a great communication skill. When you speak to others, the best way to note if they’re listening is if they’re maintaining eye contact with you. The same goes during an interview. If you fail to maintain eye contact with the interviewer when he/she is speaking, or if you look around the room when you are speaking, the interviewer may get the wrong impression.

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