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CBSE Class 10 Student FAQs

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If you are in Class X and confused about the right career path, then here are some frequently asked questions to help you solve some of your queries.

1. I want to take up Commerce in Class XI. However, I am not very good at mathematics. Please suggest me on what I should do.

Well, commerce is a very popular stream after Class X. However, if you are not too good at Mathematics, you should rethink. Many students do opt for commerce without maths, but it is not of a great help. You can talk to your teachers and some of your seniors to find out how difficult it would be for you. In the mean time, you can check Streams after Class 10 and importance of Commerce.

2.  I would like to take up the Commerce stream in Class 11 but my seniors have told me that it is not a very scoring subject. I believe I can perform well in the subject as my interest lies in it. Please guide me.

All subjects are scoring, provided you put in your best effort. Commerce is scoring is a scoring though it might not be as scoring as science. But if you put in your efforts, you will do well. While choosing a stream after Class 10, you should keep some factors in mind. Click here for Factors for choosing a stream


3.  I am good at studies and have scored well in my Class X boards. I am quite interested in Psychology and would like to pursue my career in this field. However, my parents do not approve of me taking up Arts and want me to take up Science. What shall I do?

Congrats for your Class X performance! I understand the kid of pressure you must be feeling. Firstly, I must tell you that your parents want the best for you. They might not be aware of the scope of psychology and its importance. You have to be the one to explain to them the importance and career prospects of psychology. Ask them to read our article on Psychology and its options and am sure they would appreciate their daughter’s decision.

4.  I am interested in taking up Science without Mathematics in Class XI. However, I have not scored well in my Class X boards. Does this mean that I am not cut out for the Science stream?

Though marks are important for admission to any stream, it is your interest and aptitude for the subject that should be the main factors for choosing a stream after class 10. If you haven’t scored well in Class 10 and you are not interested in Mathematics either, you should not take up Science as it might be difficult for you to score. Do not be disappointed if you have scored less in Class 10. There are still a lot of options for you. Click here to learn more.

5.  I have scored 55% in my Class X board examinations. Can I take up some professional course immediately after Class 10?

There are some careers which can choose immediately after Class 10. Click here to learn more about those careers. However, I would suggest you to complete your Class 12 and then your graduation through correspondence.

6.  I have passed my Class X boards with 40% marks. I want to pursue a career in Hotel Management. However, I am not sure what stream I should choose. Please guide me.

If you want study hotel management, you can choose Humanities as your stream. There are other careers as well. Click here to learn more.

7.  I have completed 10th. I want to take up law as a career after 10+2. Which stream (Science, Commerce and Arts) should I opt for?

Commerce would be a good choice for you as it has subjects like Economics and Accountancy which can help you in future. You can also study Law after pursuing Arts and Science. To learn more about Law, click here

8.  I have cleared my Class 10 examinations and am confused about what stream to choose now. I want to do computer engineering but I have always been weak in mathematics and physics. Is mathematics compulsory for a computer related profession after 10th, and please guide me on what stream I should choose.

If you are weak in mathematics and physics, then it could be difficult for you to pursue computer engineering after Class 12. What you can still do is take up Commerce or Arts and join a diploma course in computers in any private institute. In this way you can increase your career options after Class 12.

Click here for FAQs for Parents

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