Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) in PI at B-Schools

Getting admission in a reputed and good B-School is the dream of numerous applicants, but unfortunately only a handful are able to crack it. Preparing adequately for all stages – be it the written exam (CAT/ MAT/ XAT etc.) or the personal interview (PI) – is an integral step of the journey towards a degree from a good B-school.


Here are some common PI questions asked at business schools as part of the MBA admission process and how to answer them:

Do you know yourself? Tell us something about yourself.

This is perhaps the very first question that is asked and it is also one of the most common questions asked in MBA interview. While answering it, be clear but brief and try to include the following areas in the answer:

  • Educational and Professional Background
  • Family Background
  • Hobbies and other Interests

Where do you see yourself 5/10 years from now?

Another favorite question, which is thrown at the candidate to gauge his long-term goals and ambitions. Be succinct, practical but avoid cheeky responses like “in your chair.” Your answer should explain how you would use the course they offer, into the first 5/10 years of your career.

Why MBA?

A fresher (who has just finished UG studies) can say that a MBA would be his ideal launch-pad into the corporate world, as it would train and equip him with the soft skills as well as the tech-know-how of the corporate world. Whereas an experienced person can talk about the value-addition that a MBA would provide to his career.

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What are your strengths and weaknesses?

A tricky question but one of the most favorite PI questions at management institutes, that is intended to take the candidate out of his comfort zone. Talk honestly about a weakness but at the same point also reveal how you are combating and tackling it. Also make sure that your strengths and weaknesses don’t contradict each other.

What are your hobbies?

Research adequately on whatever hobby you have listed in your application. One of the interview panel members might share your hobby and you could be grilled easily. Only mention hobbies about which you have in-depth knowledge, instead of trying to impress the interview panel.

Why do you want to join this B-school?

This question is to check your level of interest and awareness about the B-school’s MBA program. Hence, it would be wise to read up on the institute’s history, lauded faculty-members, ranking, USP programs and famous alumni.

What is your expectation from our MBA programme?

The best way to answer this tricky question would be to talk about the following:

  • To increase my soft-skills and confidence
  • To improve my technical knowledge in the corporate industry
  • To learn from the best about business management

What you have learnt from your failures?

Here, you can talk about how you have tried to face your shortcomings, analyzed them and then worked on their solutions.

What constructive criticism have you received from your boss?

The objective of this question is to know about your weaknesses. A wise way of answering it would be to talk about those weaknesses, which can be remedied by studying at a B-school.

Share an experience when you were out of your comfort zone.

B-schools look for applicants who can perform under pressure and also take snap decisions, sometimes without access to full information. So, make sure that your ‘experience’ demonstrates these traits.

These common MBA Interview Questions would surely help you to ace your preparation for getting into a management program from a reputed MBA college.

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