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Facility Management in India

Facility management refers to a profession that uses the virtues of multiple disciplines and ensures the proper functioning of built environments (i.e. malls, schools, shopping centres etc.) by integrating technology, process, place and people. It is often related with the administration of schools, offices, hospitals etc. Facility Management in India is gaining increasing popularity because of factors like a booming real estate market, investments from foreign companies, new workplace technologies, security and health issues, and a spurt in urban development. Facility management courses will help you to improve the performance of your facilities and increase your value as a decision making business partner or professional.


The 4 major domains covered by the course are:

  • Operations and Maintenance
  • Project Management
  • Finance and Business
  • Leadership and Strategy

The International Facility Management Association also offers 3 globally recognized credentials to help Facility Management professionals with different requirements.

  • Facility Management Professional credential - for FM professionals and industry suppliers who want to increase their knowledge on core topics.
  • Sustainability Facility Professional - for those seeking higher sustainable performance of their facilities
  • Certified Facility Manager - for experienced professionals requiring high FM skill and education.

Students from any discipline, architects, designers or engineers can pursue these courses too.

Career Scope

After completing the course, a qualified student depending on his technical background at times can become either,

  1. Assistant Property Manager
  2. Building or Facility Manager
  3. Building or Facility Engineer
  4. Construction Manager
  5. Energy Manager
  6. Environmental Services Manager
  7. Maintenance Manager
  8. Maintenance Engineer
  9. Operations Manager
  10. Project Manager
  11. Safety or Security Manager
  12. Space Planner

Sectors where facility management offers scope are, hotels, hospitals, townships, shopping malls, IT services, pest control, property management, engineering, utilities, water and sewage treatment, procurement, architecture and design, fleet management and more.

Top Colleges/Institutes for Facility Management

Institutes can offer classroom, distance or online courses in Facility Management and the ones offering a course in Facility Management are,

1International Facility Management Association (IFMA)
2Kohinoor School of Facility Management
3International Facility Management Institute
4Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS)

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