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MBA in Business Process Management - Courses, Training Programs, Colleges and Careers

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Business Process Management or BPM refers to a systematic approach to making the workflow of an organization more effective, efficient and capable of adapting to a perpetually changing environment. A “business process” is an activity or set of activities which can accomplish a certain organizational goal. If you are confusing BPM with BPO (Business Process Outsourcing), then let us clarify your doubt. BPO is basically focused on labor arbitrage and India enjoys a price and cost of transactions USP here. But BPM will create a strong talent pool that will be essential for growth in emerging areas like analytics, finance and accounting.

Career options

Pursuing and completing Business Process Management Courses will help you to create new or advanced business processes that will help achieve organizational goals, combine appropriate technologies for better analysis and development of these processes, create rational business arguments to justify process changes and also work professionally and effectively in both individual and team environments. You can become a BPM Consultant, BPM Pre Sales, BPMS Administrator or Manager or BPM Process Analyst after completing the course.

Career in business process management can be broadly segmented into 4 areas

  • Process
  • Function
  • Software
  • Architecture

Process-oriented BPM professionals are experts in Six Sigma and lean methods and can assist a company to jump start their continuous improvement efforts. Function-oriented professionals will be focused on solution implementation and improvement of a particular area. BPM professionals in Software will work on Java or .Net development approaches and deep integration of the BPM solution. Professionals in Architecture will have an understanding of Process, Function and Software apart from BPM Architecture skills.

Main topics covered by business process management courses

An extensive BPM course will encompass the following aspects:

  • Process Modeling, Analysis and Design
  • Process Measurement and Metrics
  • Business Process Governance and Centers of Excellence
  • Methodologies and Approaches for BPM
  • Advanced Facilitation Skills
  • Organizational Change Management
  • Using BPM Discipline with Six Sigma and Lean Methodologies
  • Requirements Gathering and Analysis for Agile
  • Decision Management and Business Rules
  • Customer Experience Modeling, Analysis and Design
  • Building a Business Architecture – practice based and alignment
  • Establishing Business Architecture Governance and Centers of Excellence
  • Business Information Semantics & Rules
  • Service Oriented Integration
  • Designing Service Oriented Solutions

Top 8 Colleges/Institutes for MBA in Business Process Management


Association of Business Process Management Professionals


Object Management Group BPM Certification


BP Trends


Association for Information and Image Management


BPM Essentials


BPM Institute


BP Group


Workflow Management Coalition

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