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Product Management - Courses, Colleges and Careers

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The product that you sell can make or break your business, so it is essential to monitor your product’s performance amidst rapidly changing market conditions. Nowadays, companies are realizing the importance of effective product management, especially in the wake of stiff market competition. In simple terms, product management is a function within a company that deals with the entire life cycle of a product starting from planning, forecasting, and production, to marketing and eventually selling.

What does a product management course teach?

There are several product management courses offered in India, which will teach you product strategy, the positioning of the product in the market and its consumer perception, how to use creative advertising techniques for product endorsement, analysis of the product portfolio, as well as elimination rules for a product if it is not doing well in the market.

Product management courses can be post-graduate certifications, degree or diploma courses, and they may include e-learning modules, classroom sessions, video lectures, case study analysis and mentoring by industry experts.

The topics covered in a product management course usually include most of the following:

    • Market Research
    • Consumer Behaviour
    • Strategic Brand Management
    • User Experience Design and Innovation
    • Product Marketing and Strategy
    • Advertising and Channel Management
    • Pricing and Promotion
    • New Product Planning
    • Product Portfolio Analysis
    • Elimination Strategies

Career Scope and Job Prospects in Product Management

After completing a course in product management, you may be recruited as a product manager and rise up the ranks to the position of director or even CEO, depending on your performance and experience. A product manager is required in any industry, be it

    1. Software
    2. Manufacturing
    3. Market Research
    4. Advertising
    5. Hospitality
    6. Finance
    7. FMCG

Top Institute for Product Management

Institute of Product Leadership, Bangalore

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