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Production Management - Courses, Colleges and Careers

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Production Management, ideal for engineering graduates- this branch of management deals with the traditional “five M’s” technique: Machines, Methods, and Materials, Money, Men and women.  Production management techniques are used in both service and manufacturing units.

Production management, after completing the course candidates can join as trainee production manger, or quality controller, supervisor or so on. Production managers organize the resources and services necessary to producing millions of goods each year. Production managers have numerous responsibilities, but their primary function is to lay out the production schedule so that production quotas are met with respect to financial and time constraints. These managers use mathematical formulas and other means to analyze and coordinate the plant’s personnel and capital resources.

Career and Job Prospects in Production Management

Managerial duties vary by plant, but many major responsibilities are nearly the same for all production managers, including production scheduling, staffing, procuring and maintaining equipment, overseeing quality and inventory control, and coordinating production activities among departments. Monitoring product quality is another responsibility of production managers. They inspect samples of finished goods, making note of any fault in order to create statistical analysis of quality control related issues. 


Job prospects in this field are innumerable. Almost every factory needs a production manager to help in the fine-tuning of their production.

There are various sectors in which a Production Management graduate can get jobs,

    1. Heavy Machinery
    2. Refineries
    3. Paper Industry
    4. Automobile Industry
    5. IT Industry

Top Colleges/Institutes for Production Management


Annapoorna Institute of Management Research - Belgaum


Coimbatore Institute of Management and Technology - Coimbatore


DIMR - Pune


Indian Institute for Production Management - Orissa

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